Sunday, November 7, 2010


I have a love/hate mostly hate relationship with Comcast. Most people that know me already know about my annoying Comcast rants. About how you don't get what you pay for..about how their customer service is horrible and yada yada yada.
When it comes to serving my needs as a customer I am ridiculously easy to please. I seriously mean it. And with my easygoing ways sometimes service agents will mistaken me for an idiot and take advantage of my niceness. This goes with anything: eating out, telephone assistance, making a purchase or return or whatever it would involve with me making contact with a customer service rep.
Plus, I come from a long background of customer service so I totally understand how frustrating it is to handle illogical people. Because seriously, sometimes the customer IS wrong.
I am not one of those rude customers that will DEMAND from you my attention and DEMAND that I get what I want or else.
Wow, or else. That sounds creepy.
But! I am no idiot and I can totally tell when someone is taking advantage of me.
Comcast has won that war with me and Rick a few times and they even have gone so far as to ignore our  requests to speak to a supervisor and then hang up on us. Yeah. For real. Talk about fuming after that.
Well they've won until today.
We noticed that since Wednesday, when we called in the afternoon to cancel our phone service but keep our internet, they didn't relay any information to us and basically, reset our modem and hung up on us. We didn't even know if they understood what we were asking. But after a minute or so of our modem blinking our phone was shut off. Okay... I guess they did understand.
So after a day or so of using our "economy" internet we noticed that our connection speed was worse than dial up. Web pages popped up slower than the pop-ups, naturally and we knew something had to be up.
This morning we finally decided to do an internet speed test to see how fast our connection was:
We weren't even getting a megabyte of speed!!! Holy shit you guys.

And then after calling them this morning and getting rude with them we are now left paying HALF of what we used to pay for 11 times the speed:

So in conclusion, I recommend you check what you're paying for when it comes to stuff like that. With Comcast, you don't get what you want unless you DEMAND it.
Who'd have thought that getting rude and aggressive can actually get better results?

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Customer.Connect.Melissa said...

Hi there.

I would like to apologize for any poor experiences we have created for you in the past. I agree that the customer should not have to get aggressive to get what they want or need from a company. Please let me know if there is ever anything our team can help you with. We're here if you need us.

Kind Regards,
Melissa Mendoza
Comcast Customer Connect
National Customer Operations

PS - Prayers and strength for you and your family. Your daughter is a cutie. God Bless.