Saturday, November 6, 2010

10 random statements.

10.) When the kids are feeling sick (i.e- finally caught my germs) they make less messes. Secretly, I like this.
9.) Getting kicked out of the bed last night because James and the hubby took it over actually wasn't so bad. Our bed is queen size and we can barely fit in it  Rick takes it over, including the covers. That man can really let loose. The 10 inches of mattress that I get is something I'm used to.
8.) But in all fairness I do take over the covers.
7.) Watching James and Natalie play nicely really makes me melt. They can play this well for an hour at a time. Usually, like I've mentioned a zillion times before, WW 2 can break out at any moment. But lately, I've noticed that preschool has already taught Natalie patience. But when she's not as patient (and it's still a 50/50 with her 3 1/3 year old self) she can erupt in full-fledged "acting like a growling animal" mode. Right after that you will hear "hiii yaaaah" with an arm swing as if she is attempting to go kung fu on you. And then immediately after that is her 100th timeout of the day.
6.) At the kids' parent/teacher conference this week we found out that Natalie spends time in the art area of school almost every day. Each day they are given choices of what activity they'd like to do for a half an hour or so. James likes to spend time in every learning area of the class. I think both of that is cute.
5.) I'm starting to get scared about having to find a way to buy Christmas presents. EEK. I know that things ...good things can happen overnight. But I'm scared to admit that I don't think we'll be able to buy them gifts this year unless that happens. This is why I wish it were still the summer and I had more time. But I'm going to stay positive and just hope that I find a way.
4.) Less depressingly, I've started looking for work again and I feel more pumped than ever before. Rejection has a funny way of fueling me once I've quickly gotten over it.
3.) Maybe some good karma will come my way for getting 3 bags of donations sent to the local thrift store. Hmmm... hmmm?
2.) The old original episodes of "The Electric Company" are way WAY better than the newer series. After watching a few of the episodes on disc today (thanks Jen!) I saw cartoons that I remembered. Cartoons that I mixed up with skits from "Sesame Street". Personal favorite- the plumber.
1.) It was not me who ate most of the kids trick or treating chocolate already. He won't admit it and "HE" knows who I'm talking about. ;)

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