Monday, November 8, 2010

I got nothin'

There's tons I want to say but I have about 1% energy left in me and I need to save that to get the kids settled in bed this evening.
I'm drained. I'm so stressed I can't even see straight. I do NOT feel hopeless, which is good. Really good. I just feel like I'm all over the place. And my voice, from this stupid cold, has decided that it's not sure if it wants to stay or go.
So for now... I have the kids running around screaming "I AM CRUSHING YOUR HEAD"... "SEEEEE I AM CRUSHING YOUR HEAD..."
See Exhibit A:

Aunt Jen you know what I'm talking about.
Also, thanks YouTube with your awesome "Kids in the Hall" clips.
Maybe that's it... someone is crushing my head and making me feel like crap. Hmm.. just a thought, yes?

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