Friday, June 18, 2010

mashed up Friday.

*James has been super helpful (when he wants to be) around the house lately. We talked to him about starting a weekly allowance but here is where I get much do kids get these days? When I was a kid, if were lucky, got a few quarters here and there. Which DID go far at the local penny candy store let me tell you, but I was thinking something along the lines of a few bucks a week. Something in that realm. It would really make him feel good and it would be a great way to teach him how having money is awesome and not having money sucks. And also how our food and clothing do not come for free..that  the money for these things is earned, no matter how excruciating the job. He has been asking for a wallet and thinks that new wallets come with new money in it. Oh James.. oh honey.. why are you so cute?

He's already talking about what he wants to save up for. I am impressed for how committed his love of Cars and anything car-related still is. There was a period of time where his car collection sat neglected and dust-covered for a few weeks. But his love has made a big return..he stares at his car collection with awe again and I bet you, just like the cartoons, that the iris of both eyes turn into red heart shapes.. his quote just earlier: "I want to buy sumfing big like a track for my cars because I like cars and it has to spin around and around and around high up to the sky..yeah, that would be good!!"
Something like this (I think)..

*I have about the zillionth stomach virus and this one feels like something died in my intestines and wants to just lay there. Could be that alley cat I ate. Or too much cheese. No matter. And naturally, my fear of yacking is back in full effect.

*I bought one of those steppers at Wally World the other day. I scraped some pennies together and finally bought one. I've wanted one since I was about 12 when my mom had one. Hers was pink, purple, and green and mine is black. I kind of like the lack of color to be honest here. Nothing says "super work out hard til you fall over" like BLACK.
I tried it out once and only did some basic stuff to get used to it. Then I carefully watched the video that came with it. Is it just me, or are we super critical of the instructors on these things? I lucked out and have an instructor who's pretty cool it seems. Her stomach muscles bulge out so much that it looks like her stomach is bloated, but that's okay. She seemed cool, shows how to do these moves at 3 different levels, beginning at my level which is the "moms who are too tired, awkward and out of shape" beginner level. I almost felt a bit silly watching I was doing a level a senior would do, with window blinds pulled closed, the kids "napping" (they were totally not napping and listening to me breathe heavily..which probably sounded like a monster)..but it was fun.
Until I pulled my left shoulder muscle.
I'm going to try again as soon as my stomach begins feeling better. Because nothing says health and good digestive function like farting while you work out! I am totally right on that. Which is why I will always avoid yoga and exercise classes. I'll do people a favor and do it away from them..

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Chicke3 said...

I think for James' age a dollar or 50 cents a "job" is probably good...then as he gets older and the "work" he does becomes more difficult he can get "raises"....

to be honest my parents tried the whole allowance thing and it never worked....if we were out and my mom or Nana had the money, and we had been good or had kept up on our chores we got what we asked for....not saying I was spoiled by any means ( I really wasnt), because we didnt get everything we asked for when we asked for it, and at least I understood the value of a sister Im not so sure about lol