Saturday, June 19, 2010

she's earning her bruises..

It feels like it's been forever since updating about Natalie! There's so much to update about and I can't think of one bad thing. So here is what's been going on:

Natalie's O2 condenser was just picked up this morning. Boy that felt great. It's gone and hopefully for good. It felt great to hand that equipment over. The man picking it up at the door was so sweet and here comes Natalie running up to us all standing there, watching it being taken away and smiling. You could tell that she was happier than we were. The last time that she had some O2 treatment was last weekend when her lips turned purple..we usually give her a minute or two to see if she can bring her color back without it, but she didn't so we gave her about 2 minutes of low O2 and she was back to normal. That's why we're keep a few O2 cylinders in the closet and in the car. Plus, she still needs a low level of O2 if we take a drive to higher elevation.

Running. Wow. Running. Natalie runs now did you know that? Like, real 3 year old, bending knees, full blown running! Ever since she was taken off of the full time O2 she's been excelling in getting around and earning the title of "wild Natalie". She follows James around and can keep up with him, for the most part. When James builds his obstacle courses, Natalie isn't as thrilled to do it, but she will jump off of the couch and land into the pile of pool toys, float rings, etc. She has shown a level of bravery that goes above and beyond what us parents and her physical therapist could ever expect, and at such a fast pace.
The changes in the way she moves her legs and body, literally, changed overnight.
She has muscles built up in her calves and thighs and her legs now have a 3 year old, toddlery look to them. Bruises lined up and all.
She jumps from a stepstool to our bed (our bed is still on the floor with no frame.. hard to find a cheap frame for a memory foam mattress....IKEA please open soon).. with about a foot of space between the two she makes a giant leap, lands on her knees, and jumps with her knees and lands back onto her feet. I can't even do that.
I tried to get this on camera last night but wasn't fast enough.

Natalie rides her tricycle well. The only real issue and the same issue that James had for a long while, was that her feet slip off of the pedals. I need to find some velcro or something like that to strap her feet onto them. When she had PT in Maryland that's what they used for the kids. Now I know why.

If I'm sitting at the computer and Natalie wants my immediate attention, she'll climb onto my lap without any real help. That is huge too.

I just can't get over how well she's doing. I mean, I knew she'd be okay (there were a few times I worried too much though). I knew that this day would come but I didn't think it would be so soon! She makes my heart melt and boy am I so proud of her..and so happy for her. Once she goes to preschool in August, she's going to be ready! I have no huge fear anymore of her not being able to keep up with her friends. She's going to be able to and words can't even describe the joy I have for her...

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