Thursday, June 17, 2010

I enjoy the smell of asphalt in the morning..

This morning started with something new and different for everyone in the household.

Rick started the morning getting pumped to visit the super close by DMV to pick up a copy of his driving record for.... you ready for this?... for a job interview tomorrow!! It's the 2nd job interview in about a week, with 2 different companies. There's no real point in talking about the first one because we had a tiny inkling that he wasn't 100% qualified for it, but we thought 80% was good enough and gave it a shot. Heck, they could still be doing interviews, so we're not throwing it out the window yet. The one that he has tomorrow is a state job, with benefits, VACATION! PERSONAL DAYS! 40 HOUR WORK WEEKS OHMY! To give more credit, here is "BENEFITS" in CAPS too!
Tomorrow is the initial sifting through of the 200+ applicants that they have so he goes in for the first interview and testing process. The pay is still less than we can handle, but this is a long term goal..something that will change as he would work with them. RAISES! oh my god I think I may just pass out with glee.
It sort of sucks in it's own tiny way that he may start a new job right before I have my surgery, but you know.. it's really not a big deal. I think the sucky part is just that I hate the timing of the surgery in general. Even if he is home, god forbid doesn't get the job, I'll still wonder, in my painkiller-induced brain, why he's home with me. I like him home, don't get me wrong..but..oh he's going to kill me for this.. it's one more person I have to pick up after during the day. Plus, staying home doesn't pay much and it kills him. He enjoys being busy..thanks to some good friends of ours for keeping him busy with projects here and there!! You guys don't even know.. or maybe you do.. but wow, you just don't even know. It makes him feel good. And that makes me happy.

For the rest of us, we woke up too the sounds of pavement equipment and workers outside our windows. Which is fine, we knew they were coming today. Just imagine! We live at a place where they ACTUALLY fix the parking lots! Whoa! We're getting spoiled ya'll. This is just as nice as the fully-filled soda machine that they nestled in the shade behind our building.
Spoiled you guys...
The owners/management here are awesome. They get in your business, which makes me giggle with happiness, because shit, they care about who's coming and going, what they're doing, who they're with, etc. Sounds completely annoying when typing that and reading it, but trust me..these people keep this place running smoothly. And you know how much of the opposite it was for us as the last apartment. I mean c'mon a one bedroom apt at the old place has 5 cars! What do you need 5 cars for? Maybe they were pretending to be on an episode of "Cribs: I have no money but collect uninsured cars".
Oh god that apartment. eek.
So, yes! The sounds of the workers and their Bobcat, steamrollers, shovels! James is in heaven. Natalie pretends like she doesn't care, but she does. I see her peaking and smiling, looking out the window, and keeps mentioning how she'd like to bake a cake for workers. Of course, now I think she's running holding fake hotdogs and grapes in a casserole dish, so I think her plan was forgotten.
James would also like to own a Bobcat by the time his 5th birthday rolls around. So, we're taking donations now to make his wish happen. Hint- I think a low-scale version..about the side of a few inches..will suffice.
Right now, the two kiddies are  patiently waiting for the steamroller to go in action! I don't care in the least.... I just..ahem..keep looking out the window to look at the clouds.. ;)

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