Friday, April 6, 2012

from mean queen to sweet princess in 2 seconds flat.

One of the big worries that we have about Natalie is what if she ask us to play contact sports or be at the bottom of a cheerleading pyramid when she's a little older? Of course, the answer will have to be a huge "NO" because of her heart and that'll make any parent feel super guilty. Natalie is almost 5 and is very well aware of her scars and why they are there. She even rips her shirt off to proudly show her scars to me. She has teased James for not having "cool scars". 
But what she is not aware of are limitations that she has. Right now, Natalie can do whatever she wants as long as it doesn't put her heart and body in real danger: football always being the big one that comes to mind. Soccer is questionable. Hockey? OH GAWD NO. 
But at least she can run, hop, skip, and jump as much as her little (big) heart desires and there are sports and activities that aren't totally out of the equation. She needs exercise. Her heart needs exercise. Her Fontan needs exercise. All need to work the way they were intended because they are all capable.

But that doesn't mean that Natalie will want to be a big sports star. Right now she has been telling us that she wants to act. I asked her today if she wants to be famous and she just smiled. So, I don't really think she's thought about that part. Which is good because she's only 4. I'm also very well aware that kids this age (and older) will change their likes and dislikes within 2 seconds flat. But there is something about Natalie and her "acting".. she has stuck with it for months now. Just about the length of time that she has had those black cat ears that she wears almost everyday. 
This whole acting thing... it's what has drawn her to the whole Disney princess thing. She loves the mean step-mothers and the wicked queens. But then loves how the princesses are so sweet, flirty, and nice. But primarily, she definitely prefers the wicked queen role. 

Can't you tell?

At this moment she was pretending to order her royal subjects around. Then about 10 minutes later, she changed into a sweet princess who won a fight with the queen. She's been in love with creating and changing characters since she was an early 4. So, will it stick? Who the heck knows. But it's comforting to know that she may end up on the stage at an early age and may even love it.
It's a lot easier to deal with than asking to play dodgeball with a basketball.

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Becca said...

I feel the same way about Caden . . . maybe he will be unathletic like me anyways :-) haha - she's adorable and totally reminds me of Jayci!