Saturday, April 7, 2012

end of the week ramblings.

I ramble all of the time so this is no different than any other day. But I wanted to make note of a few things that happened this week..

*James' use of the word "sexy" is still in full force. He still thinks it means "beautiful". My son thinks I'm sexy.

*My (sort of) recent obsession with the show "16 and Pregnant" takes over our weekends.

*I still don't know why I watch that show.

*I blasted the kids with pure honesty by telling them that I'm the one who makes their Easter baskets. Which actually made them more excited because Natalie thinks that I can fit a full bike in her basket. James asked for normal-sized jelly beans bless his heart.

*We are having Passover supper tonight. Matzo ball soup with Easter cookies. YUM!

*Our bankruptcy file and completion of debt courses is 95% complete. AMEN!!

*James found another "Diary of a Wimpy" kid book at the school library yesterday (our new obsession). It looks like it was mauled to death. If I come up with a nice chunk of money and become mildly rich remind me to give that school library lots of money for new books.

*Natalie's birthday is 2 weeks away and I still haven't bought a present for her. Rick's birthday is the same day and I still haven't bought a present for him. EEK.

*I wonder if I could fit a new birthday bike into a very large basket.

*Our bean stalk has grown another 2 inches since my last post. I did the math: that's a half an inch every day! EEEEK.

*Natalie is scared of the toilet flushing.

*James has been dry in the mornings all week long. Time for the underwear tonight!! Come on big guy, mama needs to save some money on pull ups! (I am so proud of him).

*James being dry in the mornings is a touchy subject for his little sister. She is pissed. I've tried channeling her anger into getting to be dry in the mornings, too.

*We're starting a real search for a new apartment or house. We move by June 30th. The only real thing stressing me out is not knowing where the kids will attend school in the fall. I know that the kids will attend school in the fall. This is all a huge example of how I worry about nothing. To ease my anxiety and fears, in the words of Natalie.."Don't worry Mommy. Just give me a dry kiss".

*Natalie prefers your lips to be bone dry when you kiss her.


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