Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You say "tomato" I say "tow-mah-whoa what??"

I was scolded today by a worker at the local elementary school for giving up James' spot at the awesome blue ribbony school.

Like I didn't already feel guilty enough lady. Geesh. It really threw me off guard! 

She wasn't at the front desk, where this lady was as sweet as can be, but was actually helping people use the computer system to finish the registration process. I was getting James all signed up at his local school and I gotta tell ya (and I think the hubby would agree with me here) the school seems really nice. A world of difference compared to the inner-city elementary school I went to as a kid. School report cards online can be a little deceiving maybe? Not that I'm not salivating at the thought of James and Natalie attending, literally, the best elementary school in our entire county (which is a HUGE county) but I know that this is just... just kindergarten.

It's painting, drawing, numbers, letters, reading, and some other things thrown in. It's socializing. It's structure. This is what James needs. And it's full day, not half day like what was originally planned. I was a little nervous about the half day schooling (3 hours actually) because James is very very social and energetic. His brain doesn't shut down at all throughout the day. He's constantly planning, building, noticing and analyzing. He needs this.. he needs a full day of schooling. If he had went to partial day we'd have to sign him up for something outside of school which what? costs more money out of our pockets- money we clearly don't have right now.

Am I just trying to convince myself that this is the best situation because we missed out a "better" opportunity. I suppose..maybe? Is it a much better opportunity, though? Maybe notsomuch. At least not now. I'm pretty excited for James. I was also a little worried that they would make him attend the class where Spanish was primarily spoken (I unfortunately paid attention to rumors) and it's not true. There is a separate class for English speaking and another for Spanish speaking. And I'm all about him learning Spanish so I hope he learns more. He loves getting dual-language books at the library (English/Spanish) so hopefully they'll incorporate a little of it just like in his preschool class.

So I say to you anonymous school worker lady,  I am fine with it. I think I was 99% offended that you didn't back your own school that pays your salary. That confuses me. But to each his own.
I think you're more upset about James missing out than I am. I did enjoy my response to you though, "well now some well-deserving kiddo can take his spot".
She was very quiet after that.

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Carey said...

I totally love your response to anonymous school worker lady!! And yes, it sounds like this "lesser" opportunity is just perfect for James! Wishing him lots of learning and socializing success! xoxo