Thursday, August 4, 2011

always a toss-up..

I am constantly trying to figure out how much I want to put out there as far as my personal life is concerned. And I don't mean with this blog. This blog and I go back just about 6 years. You sort of reach the point where it's been so long.. so keep on going! It's a given. The answer has been made for me. Since I hate making decisions it's nice to have that taken care of.

I am pretty much referring to other uses of the grand 'ol innernette.

I've tried Twitter. I don't really understand it. I don't think I've ever given it a fair chance, but I'm okay with that! I don't have to tweet or be a twit or whatever you call it. I  have 2 accounts sitting unattended and silent. Although the spam "friends" that have added me probably have a great time battling it out on my page. It'd be funny to see... ...... if only I could remember passcodes and stuff. And I haven't even thought that far along yet...

I haven't given Google + a chance yet so maybe. I don't know.. my email is enough. I don't like all of it meshed together and ALL there lumped into one. Not sure yet....

I tried Myspace, and well we know how that went.

There are numerous other social media websites that I'm not even cool enough to try out so I'll do those members a favor and just stay off of them.

And then.... LONG SIGH... there is Facebook. Oh Facebook. Dear, sweet Facebook.

It's always a toss-up for me. I post statuses and ramble and basically just post anything that pops into my head at any given time. For a mom and human being, it's very freeing. It makes me feel connected to the rest of the world when I feel completely inundated with play-doh (trapped in my ugly brown carpet), children thinking it's okay to act out "101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow", and screaming matches. It gives me something. Freedom maybe.

And so I re-enter the congenital heart defect community with optimism and excitement. Once again, I am debating whether or not to pull myself out completely. It has everything to do with my doubting the use of Facebook and why I'm in the community at all. I am definitely not doing the community any favors if I keep adding contacts and then wonder if I should leave. I'm nothing super special to where I fell that others should be SO lucky to add me. Who am I to ever feel above anyone else? I don't actually feel that way but I am starting to think that my constantly doubting Facebook is very unfair for the wonderful contacts that I do have.
I've debated just deleting my page altogether. I've debated just keeping those that I know in real life, that know me, that have physically met Natalie and my family, and that keep in touch with my family. And let's not forget... family! Seriously, is that so bad?
I've debated deleting my page altogether and then create a fan page for Natalie. But then.. that means that I'd still be connected in a way that I don't even know if I feel totally comfortable. And let's face it, Facebook ain't goin' no where. Well, at least not for now.

I have time to decide. Just know that if you have read this and are a CHD contact, I am pretty much loathing that I have to decide between my sanity and a community as a whole. It's not a cool position to be in.

Anyway.... that's today's post. A super serious post yet AGAIN about Facebook. Again......

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