Wednesday, June 29, 2011

impatient and frustrated.

Sometimes, even I get impatient and frustrated. How shocking, right? I mailed these letters and sent so many emails: 37 to be exact..and haven't heard back from any legislators except one. I replied to that lonely email the next day asking for a meeting and I heard nothing.

It's hard to not get frustrated and lose hope. I have hope. Lots of it. I'm definitely being tested right now and that's for sure. And it's only been in their hands for what? a week? I just really need to get the ball rolling..

I have to start making phone calls.. 37 phone calls. My children no longer nap so that's not going to be easy at all. Sitting here in my room writing this post isn't even easy because as soon as I get a train of thought they come running..oh and here they co......

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