Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Playing tourist again.

Today was awesome. Rick was home from work, my mom was hanging with us, we didn't have anything to do (well okay, I could have cleaned but except..uhm..no..) and we decided at 9am for all 5 of us to make a trip for the day! Taking some great advice we drove to Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs- 2 places we've been wanting to check out since we've moved here 2 years ago. We made a nice, long stop at Garden of The Gods
This place is really awesome. 

 Natalie commenting on how cute the kitty is. 
 If you see one of these in the mountains, a very large kitty treat or large ball of catnip may help..but I can't guarantee it will leave you alone. 

 I don't really know what I'm pointing at. 

Rick making UFOs from the building's reflection. Love this. 

The Kissing Turtles.
 ..had a small heart attack when I saw him like this..

 Natalie dropped a few animal crackers and this bird decided that would be it's lunch. It landed right in front of us. 
 My handsome explorer..

 It still amazes me how sandstone is found in Colorado.. after all, Colorado was under the sea at one time (cue the Little Mermaid..)

Balanced Rock.

 Can you spot the kissing turtles?
Today was such a great day. Impromptu car trips are the BEST.


themeditatingmom.com said...

Glad you went out and had some fun rather than staying home and cleaning! As someone who's expecting her first, it's also nice to know that you actually can go out and do things with your kids, and everyone can have a good time. Who knew??

Dawn B said...

haha exactly!! that's so important, too.. when you feel comfortable enough, getting out..even to the grocery store is so good for the soul. Anything to make sure you feel human.