Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 post in 30 days.. not too shabby!

Aside from a few posts where I may have only gotten one or two sentences in there, I'm pretty proud! 'Twas not easy on some days. Actually, on a few occasions I kind of almost forgot completely. I was thinking this morning how I wish I could be one of those Monday through Friday bloggers.. and then take off the weekend but I know how lazy I can be..and not even just that, but I know how boring my life can be. I actually have days where nothing happens..surprise!
Today was pretty cool though. James had his first t-ball experience with his team and it was really cute. He got a little tired and then whined but he ran right back out there and practiced hitting the ball. He did so well. Lots of practice to do, but at least he thinks it's fun. Today proved that he did not, like he thought, have to involve him automatically playing like a professional baseball player.

Tomorrow we have his 2nd go at speech therapy and he's doing so SO well. Last week we focused on "L"s.. words that began with L and words with L in it (ex. please, slope, etc) and his therapist is really impressed. Tomorrow morning I think we're doing "Ch" and "Sh". The last part of his therapy will be the "R"s. I never knew this until she told me last week, but the speech therapist says that Rs are the last for kids to usually develop into pronouncing. Did not know! But now I do!

I'm so proud of James.. my James... who now calls me "sweet girl" everyday...more than once.



erica said...

Go go James! That's terrific!!

Kira still can't pronounce her Rs. She still uses W in place of them: wabbit, Kiwa, ewwica etc. We work on it pretty diligently as well; that's what we did with her Ls and now we're doing the same with Nyki.

meditatingmom said...

30 posts in 30 days, but now we haven't heard from you in ages. We miss you!! :)