Saturday, March 12, 2011

well, that was a surprise.

I just spent about a half an hour waiting for some awesome Denver Zoo photos to upload onto this here 'ol blog and now "they're" telling me I have to purchase storage space to continue on. Well, no siree.
I keep it free free FREE.
So, with that said, if you're a buddy of mine on Facebook go ahead and check out our new Spring 2011 photo folder there because hey, it's almost spring. Almost.

So yeah this morning I woke up in a panic at around 6am thinking I had to work today. After the awesome feelings of JOY kicked in realizing that I didn't have to go anywhere, an idea popped into my lazy brain- "the zoo..we should go to the zoo!"
And that is what we did.
We hadn't visited since our first visit which was 9/11/09 and even then, the hubby didn't join us. Since then I'd been bragging to him about how awesome the zoo is here (sorry Baltimore Zoo) and he just had to finally go and see it. Plus the 50 degree plus weather helped a ton. The one thing I do miss if I have to compare it to the B'more Zoo is that it's not as old and doesn't have that same charm. But! every time we visited the one in Baltimore complete areas of the zoo would be closed every time.. like HUGE sections so we'd end up not being able to see much for our hefty ticket prices. I hope that Baltimore fixed that. ; )

We spent about 4 hours there and our backs are still killing us. Time to pop the advil.... So yeah go check out some of the photos! I included mostly photos of things we hadn't seen before so hopefully a lot of those shots won't be too repetitive of our '09 visit. Enjoy!

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