Friday, March 11, 2011

I need to think of a better word than "tired" because that word is tired.

I'm so tired.
Man am I so tired.

I know, nothing new. Nothing that is new whatsoever. I'm definitely not the only tired person out there. But I'm still so tired.

My brain is fried. My body is sore. I'm achy and feel like I'm on edge. Why hello there anxiety.

I have a weekend off where I already know it'll be spent cleaning up after 3 messy people. I never actually get a day off. I'm not complaining at all. I'm the one who decided to be a mom and wife and with that comes zero days off.
But that doesn't mean that my right to say I'm feeling burned out is taken away does it?
Maybe it does? I don't even know.

My whole body is tired. My thoughts are tired. My feet hurt like a mofo. My brain even hurts. My eyes can't focus straight and I go cross-eyed.. and even when they do focus it's only to try and figure out what the hell I'm typing here. For now I'm just sort of staring off into space.. typing...

Maybe I'll just turn off my alarm clock.
Maybe I'll just demand that "I'm sleeping in" which means anything past 8am is totally acceptable.
Maybe I'll just NOT clean at all this weekend.
Who really gives a rat's butt if my apartment is a wreck?
Okay, I do but still.... (the OCD there kind of just doesn't go away no matter how tired I am).
Maybe I'll finally catch up on some tv shows and favorite blogs.
Maybe I'll finally be the one to take over the computer. Okay, wait I already do.
Maybe... here we go getting creative here... maybe I'll just say the hell with it and play with my kids and spend some quality time with the husband even if it has to be after 9pm because HEY I can go to sleep LATE Saturday night.
Maybe I just won't care that I lose an hour of sleep this weekend.

Maybe... just maybe... I'll do something for myself this weekend.

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