Friday, March 18, 2011

Top 10 random things that I think are useless. Also, this list is probably just as useless.

1.) Doilies.

2.) Fancy hand towels. Seriously.

3.) Cheap toilet paper (yes I'm thinking of bathrooms first).

4.) Fake plants. Either you get a real one or you get none. Unless it's a really great looking fake plant and then maybe.

5.) Cheap printers that require expensive ink cartridges.

6.) Photos hung on walls that are reeeaaaaaaally high up.

7.) Those seashell-shaped handsoaps.

8.) Lint. Lint is definitely useless. Unless you are this lady.

9.) The tops that come with new containers of shave gel, hair mousse, cans of hairspray, you get the idea.

10.) Astroturf.

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