Saturday, March 19, 2011

a bit of this and a bit of that.

I've had the same sinus headache for the past 2 days now so please forgive me if this entry is slightly wonky. I'm also heading into my 5th day of working and getting my ass kicked, so I'm tired. And not even just mentally tired, but well.. you get the idea.
So, YAY here are some random things going on at Chez Bent:

*Rick finally gets his new glasses in about a week. We've been holding onto the same prescription now for a year and never had any money to buy them. Our vision insurance is that useless.

*Speaking of insurance, I'm really excited that our dental insurance kicks in really soon. Well, technically we have the insurance but I haven't received our cards yet. The kids have their own insurance THANK GAWD and pretty soon, Mommy and Daddy will be able to get their teefs cleaned!

......and in my case, probably have to get more work done......

*Natalie has been super sassy lately. Phew. I have actually had to start having chats with her about how to be nice to people. Please don't get me wrong, she can be so sweet and caring and so outgoing. Good god yes. But, if she's grumpy or just not in that great of a mood.... she can just be so nasty to people. Any one. 

*I have lost a total of 20 pounds since working full time. I am actually down a size! I still can't believe it. For a little while there I started celebrating the smaller size but then I'd balloon right back between the two sizes. Now, I can officially say that I am staying at that smaller size and soon on my way to getting to the next lower size.  This makes me so giddy. 

*I'm still calling it my stress diet. No no..okay, I make jokes about it. I do eat but I eat only when I'm hungry. Sometimes, I actually go for a while with my stomach growling before I eat anything simply because I'm just too busy. Totally not complaining. It's great to eat only when you're hungry. I love the  controlled meals. Lord knows I need as much control as I can get. 

*But I still love Nutella. 

*While Natalie's attitude needs a little extra adjusting, James has been getting sweeter. If that's possible. Hmmmm.. I'm seeing some sort of ying-yang balancing going on here. Maybe that's how it is with multiple kids? When one's in a terrible mood the other is happy?

*While heading into the store earlier to get Rick's glasses taken care of, the wind was still blowing like crazy. There goes Natalie's hat flying away.. twice..and without asking, James immediately runs over to grab it for her. See what I mean?!

*Rick is giddy about his trip to Maryland. He's already talking about eating crabs. I'm so jealous. But then I realize how hard it is to travel with 2 young kids. AND have them stick around with you everywhere you go for 5 days. It is not easy. I so wish I could be there. But, I guess working and making money is a good reason. 

*Spring Wipeout is featuring an obstacle course with bedbugs. HAHAHA. 

*The kids are sneezing and coughing again. Again. My gosh. 

*I'll be staying up a little bit late to catch some photos of the awesome "supermoon". It's supposed to be really awesome. I also wonder if the "standing an egg on it's end" trick will work..... ?

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