Friday, August 20, 2010

one step at a time.

Things have been..uhm.... "stressful" and "challenging" lately. Anything that's in the "difficult" category deserves these: ""
That's also my way of using words nicer than how I actually feel. What I want to really say involves lots of four letter words that I'd have to write in CAPS.
But, something made my day today..other than it being Friday and getting home in record time from a place that is definitely not known for getting out of record time. (Only because they're brushing it off until Tuesday... which is fine. I didn't want to hang out there much longer anyway... anyway.. I'll save all of that vague stuff for another day).
But this is what made my day today...
YES! Our Racing Hope 4 Tiny Hearts t-shirts came in the mail today! Okay, it may have been yesterday because I was so lazy in checking the mail..but hey they came today!!!! I ordered them weeks ago and knew that there was a delay in shipping and didn't mind waiting at all. Hey, it's charity!
I tried desperately to get Natalie to cooperate and she really only wanted to dance and sing and hide her shirt with stuffed animals. James, on the other hand, loves taking silly pictures and the last one turned out great. Thanks James!!
Today (right about now as I type this actually) is the race in Bristol, Tennessee. I know a few people that headed there to see Kenny Wallace and the wonderful #28 race car adorned with beautiful warrior and warrior angel names. I hope that I get to see clips of the race online. I'm counting on you Facebook people!
Who can be that stressed when there are people out there paving the way to make a difference for Congenital Heart Defect awareness?
And also, who can be that stressed when their kids are this cute?

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