Thursday, August 19, 2010

I heart Colorado.

So, my big sister is here!
It's nice. It's really nice. I have missed her so much. And not only that, but it just makes sense that she's here. It's that little piece to the puzzle (well, one of them anyway) that fits perfectly.
The kids are completely and crazily excited that she's here and if she just walks away to use the bathroom, they ask, "where's Aunt Jen? did she leave?"
Separation issues at it's finest.
No, actually they are trying to get used the idea that she's not visiting..she's staying here for good. This is Aunt Jen's permanent vacation, kiddies.
Tomorrow she, the kids and I are going to venture out to do some fun stuff.. head over to the downtown area of Denver and see what trouble we can get into. Jen was able to witness the downtown area for the first time yesterday. It's so funny because she's used to the downtown area of Baltimore. The two are way way different from each other. I will always love my "Harm City" (also one I just thought of.. "Bulletmore") and there are some really pretty structures in the downtown area of Baltimore and my personal favorite are the old row home mansions of the Druid Hill Park area... the Inner Harbor is okay.. but if you venture in to most parts right outside those limits it gets really freaky. And scary. And dirty. And definitely not areas you would want to be caught in late at night. No siree. There are unlimited amounts of druggies demanding not a quarter from you..but at least 5 bucks.
I haven't seen too much (yet) of downtown Denver but from I did see a few times it seemed nice. Clean. Normal. A limited amount of meth heads begging for money. Jen was able to already witness the huge differences between the two cities. It's like comparing apples.... to.... hmm.. pizza. Or really good sushi.
I don't know. I couldn't think of anything better. LOL
Well, that's my pathetic post of the day.
I actually have more to update about but I'm saving that one for tomorrow. Lots of planning with that post.
It's so awesome to have my big sister here. I only have a few family members left to move out here.
Hey, there's something wonderful about Colorado... to see it is to believe it.

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Anonymous said...

I'm really glad Jen is out there with you guys! It's amazing to have family so close to one another that they can't stay away! I love it! I really envy your situation Dawn! Hugs and love to you all!