Saturday, August 21, 2010


I'm sitting here and can't even think of something to write..I know that there are alot of things to update about but I'm feeling a bit... how do you say? ... ahh yes... unfocused.
But, I do have a boring story to tell you about a loveseat fiasco that my sister and I had at the local thrift shop yesterday!
Soon Jen will have her own place..her own space..her own sanctuary. We are finding things here and there to fill that space. Nice stuff.. cheap nice stuff.
Knowing that she needed to find a few things and I needed to desperately casually look for pants for James while there. This kid wears a size 4/5 regular kid size and I think every kid out there must wear a 4/5 because I can't find really anything.
Well anyway..I digress...
So, we spot a really nice dual rocking (but connecting) loveseat there that you could tell was very well taken care of by it's previous owner. Aside from the fact that the store workers dumped a few heavy rolled up rugs on top of one side of it, we could tell that it was in excellent shape. Yellow sticker says: 24.99.
While I finished shopping, Jen sat and rocked in that sucker for about a half an hour.
You could tell she loved it. So, did I. We came home, planning a way to scrape some pennies together to come back the next day to see if it was still and then snatch that sucker.
And we went back the next day and it was still there.. even more buried with rugs.
Happy we were. So we ring the cow bell...literally a cow attached to a black bell.. at the side of the backdoor to get assistance. The worker comes out after a few minutes, surveys the couch and begins writing our ticket for purchase. He excuses himself and comes back with another worker.
"That's the wrong price ..someone switched it..there is no way that this couch is that cheap."

Oy vey.

We explained to him that "dude, no offense not our problem if the ticket says that it's the price that's what you are supposed to honor."
So, we went back and forth with this for a minute or two. Jen and I are staring at eachother and at the same time being pleasant about it but adamant.
The store manager, bless this old woman, comes to us and demands that no matter what, that price is wrong and "someone" switched the ticket.
Uh.. lady.. we did not switch the tickets.
She demands $39.99 for it and we get a bit upset at this point.
Don't even get me started about the "golden rule of retail".
I also explained to the manager (probably rudely but whatever) that I just (literally..truly did just) donate 5 bags of clothing and some books and toys to them last week AND spent $50 the day before.
So, Jen and another customer begin pointing at about 3 more pieces of furniture with yellow stickers and prices marked on the sticker. The problem is, the furniture is supposed to have a yellow stapled ticket attached. Many did not. The sticker on our loveseat was just thrown on it.
After pointing this out to her she immediately became pissed off..but not at the workers! She honored our $24.99 and away we went...


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Anonymous said...

Now that I finally found you I'm tickled pink and absolutely delighted to know that you all are really out there! Horray for Big Boy James! Go away bedbugs and DON'T COME BACK! I LOVE YOU ALL!Gammy