Monday, August 9, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Before I get started with letting you in on some pretty embarrassing stuff, please visit MckMama's page to congratulate her on her 5th (5TH!) child being born last week. This woman is the epitome of the mom balancing act. I can barely handle 2 and here she is making my jaw drop.

Okay onward.....

To grab a few minutes to post this entry I did NOT let the kids dig into my nail file stash to play with said nail files. Also, did NOT let them get into my cotton ball stash. There are certainly no tiny pieces of fluffy cotton strewn across my couch and floor now. It does not look like a bunny threw up in here. 
I do NOT see this as worth it just to get this post up. 

Last night, while grabbing a few little things from Tarjay and after giving up looking for the past year, I did NOT finally spot stainless steel drink cups (with STRAWS!!) for the kids. I definitely did NOT almost scream "score!!" while in that isle because MAN, I was NOT looking for these forever. I do NOT want to send "Thermos" a huge thank you note, because seriously, what an invention!

I was NOT happy when I found out that old PC blew a gasket this weekend. I did NOT annoyingly express out loud to Ricky that I'm glad it croaked. I would NOT speak so bad about that 4 year old computer. It was a great computer for the years we had it. But am I glad to be a sole iMac user? HELL YEAH. I am that much of a dork to actually type "HELL YEAH" to that. 
I am NOT also so dorky that when seeing our wireless router's lights out did I yell "it's bloooooown Rick it's bloooown because of that broken piece of crap PC". I sort of feel bad now about being right about that. But, Rick is one smart dude because he called Linksys and didn't (really didn't) tell them that the computer just blew. Not a word mentioned about the computer so to them, our router just suddenly broke.. now they are sending us a new one for free). booyah. 

We are NOT thinking of buying a bunny for the kids. Aside from the fact that living things (like gerbils, hamsters, anything that poops everywhere and could also eat my eyeballs.. even while pooping) creep me out when I'm the one who's supposed to care for suffice to say that I am NOT actually thinking of going with this plan so we can put the idea of owning a dog on hold. We did NOT scratch the idea of fish or turtles because of my fear of accidentally killing them. Just like how I did when I was younger.

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Mommy2Four said...

That's why we have no fish..... I just have no ability to keep anything smaller than my fist alive.....