Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Many of my single friends (also known as "childless buddies") always ask me "Dawn, why are you and your kids always sick? Why Dawn..I just don't get it."
Here is why you guys.....


When you have a 41/2 year old that feels that it's just dandy to put everything in their mouth and also breathe into your mouth when you're doing something nice, like lifting them up into their bed or chair, there are various rewards for that.
As of today, all of us now have James' coldcoughwhateverthehellthisthingisomg.
It's full of phlegm. Full of that green stuff. It's gross. All except for yours truly, they are all hacking up their lungs like they've just smoked a pack of Lucky Strikes.
Poor Natalie was coughing so hard last night that she threw up. She didn't throw up food though.. but let's just say that it looked like the Slimer let loose on her bed last night.
Sorry for that gross picture but I just had to.
There's a cough that won't quit and to be honest with you, I think my body wants to just shut down at any point. We get sweaty and then cold..then hot then normal then clammy... Basically, our bodies don't really know what they want to do.
But I do know that drinking hot tea (Kristin you rock!), rest, and chocolate chip cookies are helping.
So, I'm off to go rest finish cleaning up around this place. Those used tissues aren't going to leap into the trashcans themselves.

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