Sunday, August 8, 2010

5 year blogiversary coming up.

I know I know I'm kind of early about this, but I'm also pretty excited that this blog will soon be 5 years old on September 26th.
5 years!
5 years already.

What in the hell?

I honestly didn't think I'd stick with it for that long. I honestly don't even know how long I expected to keep up with it so maybe it's not so shocking. And I honestly should stop saying honestly.

Well, anyway.. I'm thinking more and more lately of something cool that I could do to celebrate? Contest? Party? Booze? A reflective entry? Oooh I think a contest may sound better.
A contest where a reader could actually win something! We have some readers (I see you peeking hello you ;)
and I'd love to give something cool away. Our blog doesn't have any sponsors or anything like that so it would be all me. If anyone has any suggestions please always feel free to let me know. I loves me some suggestions.
I also love reading to the kids before they go to sleep so I'll go do that. But you think about it and in a little over a month, something new and exciting will happen. Kind of excited..


Don't give up on your dreams said...

I loved the Parent magazine idea! I love that darn thing girl.
Hm, what else? Cheryl cookies? mmm cookies...
I'm horrible with ideas, but maybe those things would put a spark in your mind.

The Bent Bunch said...

Love the ideas! Beings that there are 7 weeks of planning.. I think something worth while will be cooked up. lol