Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm learning that...

... Natalie is an excellent shopper. She picked out a really pretty (flattering!) top for me that is probably the nicest one I have.
...going out with our friends tonight marks the first time that Rick and I have ever gone out with another couple since being married and having kids.
...I'm pretty stoked about that. There is a comedy club and alcohol involved. Comedy + alcohol + kids at home = first pump.
...wearing my Converse tonight would probably not be a good idea.
...I had a pair of forgotten black heels buried in the closet (again purchased before having kids) that are kind of hot looking.
...eating granola for most of 2 days may or may not work out in my favor. I still haven't learned what's fueling the new addiction.
...I still have no great way to clean our iMac screen without causing ugly streaks.
...days goes way smoother when the kids skip their naps and instead, go to bed a little earlier.
...the kids are even more hilarious (and cooler) that the day before.. Natalie ran into the kitchen this morning to excitedly shout to her daddy, "I'm hungry!!!"..... "I'm hungry for music!!!"
...I may just have to start playing more video games.
...this summer is pretty much just about over...and I'm secretly happy about that for some weird reason.


Kristin said...

well hell now I DO have to wear my heels...

Dawn B said...

I thought you were! LOL