Saturday, August 14, 2010


Sometimes I come across as needy and then in a split second I am nothing like that.
Sometimes I want the best for everyone and put myself last by accident.
Sometimes my sarcastic jokes and attitude get me in trouble.
Sometimes I just want to be left alone. Like, for a long while. I like being by myself.
Sometimes my kids make me want to develop a drinking habit but most days, I am so happy that I'm lucky enough that they call me "mom".
Sometimes I don't cry for weeks and weeks (and weeks). And then a really good thorough cry helps alot.
Sometimes I feel lonely.
Sometimes I feel regret.
Sometimes I just want acceptance.
Sometimes I avoid being around the phone. I'm not a "phone person". I'd rather see you in person.
Sometimes life really just gets to me and then I'm reminded of how tiny my problems are compared to other people.
Sometimes I'm completely and utterly overwhelmed.
Sometimes, I smile at other little kids and their parents.
Sometimes I smile at childless couples walking hand in hand at the grocery store.
Sometimes I wish I was single again..but only for a second. Then I realize, being single sucks.
Sometimes marriage feels easier than boyfriend/girlfriend relationships.
Sometimes I have no idea what I'm trying to say and can't articulate my words well. At all.
Sometimes I miss my brothers so much that I literally ache inside.
Sometimes I miss my sisters so much that I literally ache inside.
Sometimes being a middle child isn't so bad.
Sometimes I love being in my 30s. The 20s were full of chaos.
Sometimes being diplomatic gets me into trouble.

And as for all of the time, I am a perfect imbalance. What you see is what you get.

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