Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday blahs.

I'm feeling torn today.
I don't know which direction I should go with my writing...err..typing.
I'm feeling the melancholy sink in so excuse the mess.
I don't even know if it's because it's Monday..? I don't have a 40 hour work week so Mondays don't really mean much to me. Just another day in the Bent household for yours truly.

Everyone's doing great though.
In fact, James has been awesome with pushing himself to stay dry all night long. He hasn't done it yet but he really wants to try. I'm really impressed. Just him wanting to do that makes me want to squish him. In a nice way of course. We tried for 3 nights in a row and so far, no luck. But, again, it's him wanting to do it that has me all excited.
Natalie has been responding better to "time out". Basically, the rule in our home is that you get out of that dreaded spot until you can be calm and apologize (and in some cases, just be calm and rational for someone who's 3 or 4. She screams less. Well, at home anyway. If we're out of the home that's a little bit of a different story. But all in all, she's finally learning what she's supposed to be doing in that spot... for the most part.
Sunday was insane. For some reason, every one of us woke up on the wrong side of the bed. James kept giving me his curly-lipped version of a mean Elvis. Natalie growled at me right at the beginning of the day. You know it's going to be an "interesting" day when your kid goes to "time out" first thing in the morning. Then Rick and I just fought about idiotic crap. Usually about how to handle the kids. That's usually the bulk of any fight we have.. we're on each others side but don't admit that we're on each others side. Does that even make sense??
Did not think so.

The weather has been cooler here at the 50's actually. It's a tiny reminder of how cooler weather is coming real soon.
Jen, I hope you packed some jackets!
Oh man, I am too excited about my big sister moving here. I'm excited and I'm even more excited for her. I have nothing but great feelings about this new adventure that's going to begin tomorrow. Each box that she sent and that arrived at our home made me more giddy each time.
The kids, needless to say, are obsessed with our calendar each day to ask when she's coming.
Something that made Rick and I smile from ear to ear this evening was James walking over to us to say (and I quote): "I miss Maryland.. I like Maryland and Colorado."
Makes my heart swell..that's what it does.

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