Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

I love skipping from blog to blog, because you never know what you'll find! Plus, I like leftovers.

So, please feel free to check out: Sippy Cups Are Not For Starbucks. I think if you look up the word ADORABLE in Webster's a photo of her kids would be there. For reals.

So this blog is all about the random things that I need to mention before I forget to.

This week has been strange.
Really strange. Not horrible, but strange.

Rick hurt his back earlier in the week, went to the chiropractor after I sort of kept nagging him about it..well, he's glad I did because they helped him a lot. With him working in construction you can pretty figure out why his back is always sore. He has some pinched nerves in his lower back..ouch.
He's been out from work since Wednesday but should be well enough to go back Monday.

James came down with the mysterious dry hacking cough on Tuesday. It was so crazy because it started within the hour of him coming home from preschool. Very similar to Natalie's cough, only his was more dry-sounding. By Wednesday night he sounded like he was barking like a seal, an all too familiar sound.
So after keeping him home from school Wednesday and Thursday, I finally decided to be a good mom and get his chest checked out yesterday morning. And surprisingly, he wasn't officially diagnosed with croup, but rather with "RSV". Nice. But, as the doctor put it, he was a happy RSV patient and wasn't too worried about him since he was handling it very well. And this illness was the one illness that I didn't worry about with the Nats..since she has been getting her monthly RSV shots. Yay for shots! And Natalie would so not agree with me there..

Also? this stuff is the shiznit. Seriously. I am very very impressed with this product. Because of the every four hour dose that James has been getting, he has barely even coughed in the past 18 hours! I am stunned. Completely. He took a 180 so quickly! I feel so bad that Natalie didn't get to try this.. it says for 4 years and up..and with her heart condition..ugh. I feel so bad for her. But she's doing great, so no worries there.

I also noticed more grey hair on my head. Wah.
And in more prominent frontal areas. I think just about everyone would agree with me here: that you are practically born with grey/white hair that sprout up here and there, barely to be seen by your eyes and easy to just pluck out.
But now, things are a'changin. I have 2 near my face and I just gave up picking them out. It's a lost battle. I'm going to be 31. This is happening way too fast.. oh who am I kidding.. I'm 31, not 21.

Both kids are expert door openers now. Which basically equals, no privacy EVER in the bathroom for mommy. They don't bother their daddy for some reason. But if I walk in there, here they come! I guess I'm just that much fun. Even on the toilet.

We are feeling more liberated now, well a touch of that feeling is sinking in, since we get to escape this apartment in 3 weeks (2 months earlier than expected to save our sanity) an apartment which is like hell on earth and move into a cute, quiet, and friendly place about a mile away.
An apartment that is settled in the ground level and almost directly below the family that owns the property and manages it! Totally loving that idea. This community is in the same neighborhood as my mom and stepdad, and the kids future preschool..all in the same zipcode! It's either a 9 block walk, or a super quick bus ride. So my plan is to force myself to walk that walk after dropping them off and on my way to pick them up from school and use the bus for when the kids are with me. That way, I will force my fat butt to walk. And I'm kinda excited....
but not excited about packing.. I'm feeling like I just want to plop everything loosely in the van and drive it there, but I have to be practical, I guess. 


Chicke3 said...

I feel for you Dawn with the Gray hairs....Ive been going gray since I was 19 0r 20 and either Ill be bald or almost completely gray by the time Im 30....My grandmother was gray by the time she was 30 (on my mom's side) and my dad had salt and pepper hair by the time he was 30 (which is fine for a guy....but super excited for your move!!! :-D

Dawn B said...

there is something sexy about a younger salt and pepper guy.. I don't know what it is.
And Cassie, you have pretty hair. Whether we have gray or not..we'll just play it up I guess. lol

Danifred said...

Thanks so much for joining us at Leftovers this week. I love visiting new blogs!

My family has some bizarre gray hair gene. Either you are gray when you're about 20 or you never get gray at all. It is truly so bizarre. In our current generation, it seems that all the men got the gray gene. Sadly, some of the females got the facial hair gene as payback.

Danifred said...

Oh, and thank you for the kind words about my girls. It's a good thing you can't see their enormous bad attitudes through the computer :)