Monday, November 9, 2009

the lazy post.

I have to reconfigure how I'm doing this blogging thang.
I can't keep blogging at 8pm and expect to produce something that was written by a sane and rested person.
Today was a good day. All except for the part with Natalie's evil cold. Gosh I really feel bad for her. She doesn't deal well with colds. Heart cath? no problem. But a cold..oh lord (gotta love her).
James didn't seem to be bugged by this cold much when he had it..maybe he just didn't get it as bad. But Natalie is not happy. She's miserable and in full diva mode. And for Rick and I that means pure and complete exhaustion. And no, she definitely doesn't have the flu. She just hates it when she can't breathe out of her nose well (don't we all?) Again, that part doesn't bug James when he's up and about (if it's at night, he'll wake up freaked out and yell for me..not like that's any fun either). But I love cuddling them..and Natalie is no exception. But, sometimes the cuddles and kisses aren't enough for her..and well...I'm drained. I can still hear her screams ringing in my ears.

If you've followed my Facebook status updates you'll already know the good news (it's enough to get me through the

I found a seasonal full-time job with a historic candy company. It lasts through the holidays and will definitely make the holidays (and James' birthday) alot more merrier. They're going through some "reworking" of sorts and may or may not need me past December. Honestly, it's a chance being given to me, no matter how temporary, that I am so grateful for. I'll post many more details tomorrow. I start Wednesday so I better get those details out tomorrow. LOL Tuesday will be filled with grocery shopping and laundry..just so the rest of the work week (and Rick's first stint as stay at home dad) will be a little easier.

Oh and before I forget to mention..both kids have had their booster shots for the H1N1 virus and have done so well! James, my brave dude, didn't even cry with it today.
These kids are tougher than I realize. They go in again within the next 3 and 4 weeks to get the second dose and the anxiety in this household will go way down. Even them having had the boosters gives me piece of mind.

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