Sunday, November 8, 2009

things the kids are obsessed with..or at least like to ask about constantly until my ears bleed.

Both Natalie and James are at similar levels of questioning..they may ask differently such as Natalie will say "whadduya doin?" and James will ask, "Mommy, what are you doing right now?" You get the idea though. And lately, they both have been asking so many questions..questions, luckily, I can answer pretty easily. I can't lie, I love this stage.

James is obsessed with asking who's a boy and who's a girl. And to throw him a real curveball, he'll ask about an adult (like his teacher) and ask if she's a girl..and I'll say "yes, sweetie she's a girl, but a grown-up who's called a woman". He scratches his head and looks slightly puzzled. You can tell the wheels are cranking. He'll think about the answer and then continue on with who else we know who's a boy and girl and who's a man and who's a woman.

The other night, when he was out with his daddy having a man's night..James confessed that he wants to be bigger. He doesn't want to be little anymore and wants to hang out with the bigger boys. From what I heard, it was very heartfelt. Lately, he's been asking what will get him to grow faster. So, it's been a little easier getting him to eat his veggies lately. And he races to me when it's vitamin time. Silly kid. But so darn sweet.

Natalie is obsessed with pretending. And this, I have to admit, is what I love even more when they get to this age (2 1/2). We have 2 sets of nesting dolls: a penguin and monkey, and just earlier she took a few different sizes from each set and made them all separate characters. She spaced them all out on top of the bookcase and from the other room (while I folded the laundry), Rick and I smiled and looked at eachother while we heard her name each was "brother", one was the mommy and another was the baby. We heard the mommy say, "okay you kids let's go" and the baby penguin pretended to cry while the bigger sized monkey (the brother I'm guessing) was getting into trouble. Hmmmm...this sounds familiar!!

I love these ages.

James is now learning how to use his charms to get me to do something that he knows I'm probably going to say "no" to. He'll say, "oh, I love you mommy..I give you a kiss".
Schmoozer. And yes, he totally got that extra cookie.

Just the other day I told Natalie (who has a small cold right now so was feeling a bit crabby the other day), that she wasn't allowed to do something (I can't remember what but I'm pretty sure it had to do something with Halloween candy)..and once I said "no" she put her hand up to my face and said "aahhh" a "talk to the hand" action. I spoke with her how rude that was and about a minute later..I seriously had to head to the bathroom to laugh. Because I know, in essence it's not really funny, but I thought it was hilarious that I can't figure out where she learned that from!! Because Natalie isn't usually bratty like that. But boy oh boy..I am t-e-r-r-i-f-i-e-d of how she's going to be at 13. Both kids are going to give us a run for our money.

But I do love the questions that they have. I want to answer of 'em. But sometimes..just sometimes..certain questions drive me insane.

The phone's ringing, the timer for laundry is going off from the microwave, and I'm trying to get a sippy cup filled for the millionth time, along with a snack for each child..and here will come James asking, "Mommy build me a car 'kay??"

I'll get right on that sweetie.

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FallenFairy said...

While you're at it can you build me a car too? :-DD