Monday, November 2, 2009

it's always nice when doctors listen to you..

So last night some serious anxiety set in for me. I usually don't let things get to me like that, but I couldn't help it. So, instead of fighting it I let it go and thought of ways to ease my fears. Looking for a solution to the problem is not only beneficial, but it curbs the anxiety a bit. I know it probably sounds like common sense, but it also takes initiative, which sometimes gets clouded by the fear.
Anyway, without continuing to sound so vague..last night I became anxious about Natalie's morning RSV shot (Synagis) appointment. I opened up my concerns with Rick, and whadayaknow, he felt the same way! (he's an intuitive one that husband of mine). It felt great to talk to someone else that felt EXACTLY the same as I did- we were so worried about bringing in a well child with Natalie's condition, to a place filled with germs and coughing chaos. And before I go off on a tangent and bad-mouthing our pediatrician's office, I have to say, we, us parents, chose this place. I guess in our defense, the office was really clean a few months ago and lately we've noticed the thick grime quickly building on most of the toys.
Just like any business: pediatrician's practice, dentist, a hospital of your choice, or even a mechanic.. you can always go someplace else. And you never know what sort of great recommendation you can get from a trusted source.
That's where our conversation last night ended. It felt good to get that out in the open and make a solid decision.. if only all decisions in life with your spouse were that easy. LOL
Our biggest worries of our doctor visit: being surrounded by sick families in the waiting area. It is usually feels like a law.. bring in your well kid and HEY! FREE GERM SOUVENIER FOR EVERYBODY PASS IT ON. Because sure enough, by the end of that week, we were battling something nasty. So, at the end of last night, we decided that if Natalie couldn't be separated from the sick kids and Rick and I be heard with our concerns and allowed to widdle down an effective RSV dose from 3 shots to 2 (seriously! last month they gave her a 3 shot combo and said that was normal..dudes, this shot only lasts for a month, which is why the RSV shot is a monthly vaccine)..then we weren't going to take her in. Last month, poor Natalie couldn't walk right for a few days because she was so sore. :(
The other issue that seems to be there, is the "too many hands in the pot" issue going on. There are a few decent doctors but too many crappy ones. The one that Rick spoke to last time was rude and short with him. If you know him well, Rick is a kind and calm person to talk to. So, that was definitely uncalled for. Also? the medical assistant that held Natalie's newly alcohol wiped leg (right before her shots) put her dirty fingernails over that clean area to hold Natalie while getting the shots. This girl had crusty, disgusting, dirty long nails and even had an attitude about helping out. UGH. (now we know to demand gloves no matter how much of an asshole we sound).AND to avoid that medical assistant.
This morning, we dropped James off at school (he wasn't looking forward to school today..he felt a bit grumpy that the snow days were over I guess..poor guy) and off we went, 10 minutes early for Natalie's appointment. To our shock and amazement, the waiting area was empty, all except for a mom and child, who both were there for her son's checkup. Huge sigh of relief was let out by both of us..
Natalie wanted to sit on our laps the whole time while there. That always helps..don't want to touch the baby toys? not a problem. LOL
We get settled in the back area, we meet a new doctor (well, new for us) and she was so sweet and pretty knowledgeable about Natalie's heart. She understood our concerns about the 3 shots and said that 2 was just fine. She immediately then asked us if we'd like for Natalie to use her 3rd shot for the H1N1. Yet another huge sigh of relief! LOL The last time we went, they made it sound like no one there was getting it and mentioned that Natalie didn't qualify! Because Rick was by himself with a screaming Natalie, he let it go and declared that at our next visit, we would be complaining about that issue. We didn't even have to this time. Despite this Colorado shortage, even James qualifies on so many levels.
The nurse practitioner was very nice and talked to us a while about the effects of the flu shot.. what to look for..and that since Natalie already had her seasonal flu shot with no issues, that was a good sign for the H1N1 vaccine. Gosh, we were so happy (still are). We also talked about why the media is hyping up swine flu related deaths and not telling us what exactly these people are dying from- she agrees that it's the complications that arise FROM the flu..days later (pneumonia, for example). She noticed Natalie's bumpy skin on her thighs and arms..something that our old MD pediatrician noticed also and we tried several ways to remedy it with no luck (ketosis pilaris..which is fancy for bumpy skin) and gave us an OTC medicine idea to try- one I've never heard's called "Amlactin" which has lactic acid in it. I think we'll give that a try. They, once again, noted Natalie's October 8th heart cath... even though we mentioned it several times to them. They still keep acting surprised that Natalie is highly allergic to penicillin..we just don't get it (our old doctor's office put a bunch of red STOP stickers with "penicillin" written in it all over her well as James'. I hate to compare, sorry.
They wrote down her open heart surgery date, so that was something.We usually see them try to remember everything and not write anything down. Weird. Kind of reminds me when (a rare occurrence..LOL) we go out to eat at a restaurant and the server tries to remember all of the orders without writing anything down. How in the world...
So, today's visit wasn't so bad. Natalie was upset, but candy bribes always help. And once she heard that we were getting ready to leave she was giddy.
We're still going to look for a new pediatrician. As long as we keep communication open and be a bit more aggressive with Natalie's care there, I think, for now, we're okay. But by the time Natalie comes home from her surgery in January, the goal is to have a new doctor by then..a doctor more affiliated with Denver Childrens. There is no shortage of great doctors there..and many of them have offices at the hospital, around it, and only a few miles away. There's also the choice of seeing our favorite doctor from our current practice and checking out their other office. But for now, the anxiety is easing.. at least until the end of the month when we go back. ;)

PS- James gets his H1N1 shot this Saturday! awesome!! I think after that, we can rest a heck of alot easier during this up and coming holiday season. Healthy kids = happy parents. And that's the only gift I want this year.


Chicke3 said...

Im so glad you were able to get some things straightened with Natty's dr.s visits and that James can also get the swine flu shot! Yeah, I didnt chose to sleep that much, i just didnt set an alarm....and slept that much which is insanely odd for me! Day three of blogging tomorrow....i have so much to fill ya and the rest of our readers in on!

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Thought you'd find this story of interest...