Sunday, November 1, 2009

here's a great way to get the ball rolling....

Last November I saw the "NabloPoMo" logo on someone's blog and thought, "what the heck is a nablopomo??" I actually though that.
Soon after I realized that it was a fancy for "National Blog Posting Month" and loved the idea! Not only could I catch up on some of my favorite blogs on a daily basis, but it was neat to see if anyone would struggle with updating so often. Especially for those moms and dads that blog.
So this year, I decided to test myself, signed up for this experiment and I'm demanding myself to keep up with this. Maybe..just will push me to actually update more after November. A small handful of friends and family read this blog and the way I see it: any audience is better than no audience. And also? I need to remember to buy my Halloween clearance candy. If I want to keep up with this for the full month of November, of course.
Many entries will have pictures pictures pictures. And that's because a picture can be worth at least a few words. Not only that, but I don't consider myself to be a super writer (especially not like some of these folks here, here, and here). So, sometimes my loss of words is fine as long as I have a photo to get the words out of my mouth. Err.. the words out of my head onto this here computer.
I do, however, have lots of things to say, to update about, and to whine about. If you're okay with that then feel free to stop by daily and tell me what you think.
For now.. I must ooze this blog with delightfulness with photos of the kids at Halloween:

(I also have to add..not only is it pretty funny and fitting for Colorado to see a bee atop a mound of snow.. but James has me cracking up.. he was not thrilled to have his picture taken..and by the end of it all, he just wanted to his candy.. and he worked hard for that candy you best believe.. this concludes the world's longest run-on sentence).

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