Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the post in which I pretend to be talented..

I don't own a sewing machine.
If I did, I would love to take the time to learn how to use it. Hand-sewing kind of sucks, it's worth it, but it kind of sucks. Now a machine to do most of my work? now we're talking. I fantasize about all of the things I could make.. curtains, embroidered stuff..and dare I even say?...clothing. Before I sound like I'm trying to become the next pretend "Project Runway" design winner, I have had plenty of time to dream about this. Since I was a kid I wanted to learn, but just never did. I always thought that making my own things..some of your own hand-made things, is truly, the coolest self-sufficient thing.
Last week was so cold. So cold and snowy. And it was alright in and of itself, but when 2 little kids want to "PUUULAAAY" outside (imagine the screaming in that quote) well, what's a mom to do? I had everything they needed except for some decent gloves. I should backtrack, James had some decent gloves, but Natalie's were fine but not for touching alot of snow. And I love mittens. MITTENS! They are beyond cute and keep the hands alot more tasty (typo..haha) toasty, compared to gloves. Right now, I'm on the lookout for some knitted, warm mittens for Natalie's tiny hands.
For James, well, we had an issue where you know when you're playing in the snow and the snow turns to ice and surrounds your wrists from digging and digging in it? well, his poor wrists, without me realizing until it was almost too late, turned to a bright white color last week. This was around Wednesday, I think, and it really freaked me out. I thought for sure he had frostbite. But luckily, he didn't..we let him rest, warm up, and kept watching it. I was on the lookout of his wrists like white on rice.
He was fine. But cold. And today, it finally hit me- he needs some super long mittens/gloves to protect his wrists! Surprisingly, there aren't many cheaper options under $20 out there for kids..everything I saw happened to be for adults. I really really love these:

But they don't sell them for kids. And $80??? seriously??
I first started asking a few people if they could knit. And I know that there are some beautiful ones on etsy.com but I can't shell out even $30 bucks. I wish I could. Plus, these are kids' mittens we're talkin' about. They usually get lost.
So, I dug deeper in my tired brain and realized that I could just make my own.. modified of course:

I like keeping my toe socks in my drawer and neglect them..have for years..I don't like socks that hang high on the calf..plus, I didn't really like having my toes separated. I'm strange. So, why not cut 'em up and use them for something?
I do sloppy hand-sewing but this still worked. I let James try the completed mitten on and he loved it. I was a bit afraid that he would see what I had done to his mitten and would get upset..but he didn't. I can't wait until more snow falls so we really try them out. By the time we have more snow, both James and Natalie will get to break them in.
Until then, I have alot more sewing to do.


Carey said...

Excellent work!! You should make more!! By the way...I totally agree with you on the toe socks. I despise them!

Leanne said...

OMG, what a clever idea! I'm stealing it!