Friday, November 20, 2009

interview with a 4 year old..

James has a very busy schedule you know. Catching him between playing and snacktime and poking his little sister in the head is tough to do. So, I managed to grab a few minutes from his tight schedule for the following queries:

favorite food: "cucumber"
least favorite food: "mushrooms ewww"
favorite toy: "a firetruck!!" (he has no idea we just got him a kick ass one for his birthday)
favorite thing to do: "play with cars"
what are your dreams about? "racing in a race car"
favorite candy: "chocolate!!"
favorite thing to do outside: "ride a trike"
favorite tv show: "the funny show!!" (America's Funniest Home Videos)
favorite cartoon: "the ghost show that smashes a bee" ( honestly, dudes I have no idea)
tv show you hate: "the news"
favorite color: "blue"
favorite thing at playground: "swings and slides"
favorite drink: "white grape juice"
favorite book: "the funny food book" (a book called "Play With Your Food" that his Gammy gave him)
favorite word: "cool"
what do you want to be when you grow up? "a firefighter"
when you play with your sister what do you like doing? "sharing the tricycle!!"
favorite thing about Colorado: "snowy mountains"
favorite game: "pbs thomas the train race game" (it's an online game)
what do you think about global warming? "yup"

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FallenFairy said...

That's what I think about Global Warming, too! And that book from Gammy, lol... Yeah that's what grandma's are for!! Funny enough, one of Claire's favorite food is mushroom. *bleccck!* But heck I won't turn her away from healthy or so they call it food..