Saturday, November 14, 2009

in-depth discussions.

After James had a small bout of vomitage this morning (yeah that's a real word..or not) I was explaining to him where he can aim to get his puke instead of our really old retro 50s orange chair from Nanny and PopPop. I was explaining how the potty is good, the bucket in front of him, or even the tub are good places (hey, I'll take it) and this is how it went:

Me: "So James, where else do you think you can puke? (thinking maybe he'll be even more creative than me)

James: "aaahh haaa in the refrigerator oh yeah the refrigerator!!"

Me: "you're nasty."

While finishing up making dinner I ask Rick if he can get the butter for me from the fridge (with no puke in it thank god).

Rick: "Do you want the 'Challenge' butter or unsalted kind?"

Me: "Challenge butter."

Natalie: "Chinese butter Mommy!!!"

I like to grab the kids and have them sit at my feet/ankles while I give them a "ride". While doing that I sing "bump bump bumpity bump.." and they giggle like crazy going up and down up and down. If I'm done I hear..

I just sounds funny. LOL

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