Sunday, November 15, 2009

it's beginning to look alot like Alaska...

Totally not complaining about the snow. Not. at. all.

But! I didn't think we would actually wake up to 9 inches this morning! I had a few things to do that involved going outside of the apartment and couldn't do anything. Well, except for making the best snowballs ever. Seriously, this snow was perfecto for making snowballs. Just ask Rick. I got him a few times.
Oh and take a peak at James' very first snow angel:

I can't stop looking at this and not gush! Poor Natalie tried to make one but it didn't look like anything. :( But she had fun trying. awww..
And James, I am proud to say, tried out his "new" mittens with wrist protecting shields and they worked like a charm. His wrists stayed nice and toasty whilst diving and digging in the snow. So there ya go. It works!!
Natalie has new mittens, too. They're similar to James' but they're purple. So, I get to sew those this week. And I'm beginning to think that they are both going to need snow suits. I almost bought them each a snow suit last year, but I waited because we never got any real snow. This season, we need 'em bad. I thought I could wait until Hanukkah or Christmas, but I don't think I can.
Because around these parts, the weather will beat your bluff.
I still can't believe we got more snow. LOL


Chicke3 said...

Awwe Love the snow Angels! Im glad your mitten idea has worked out....when I have kids Ill have to talk you into making some for mine ;-), I have no talent with sewing...

FallenFairy said...

Wow, that's incredible. Here we sit in the cold but nothing to show for it. I was sitting up at Claire's school waiting for her to come out and well... Ppl were all talking about how they want it to snow and such. And I just sat in thought of "DAMN, me too!" So I envy you, but 9 inches? Wow, that's insane... Good luck getting through that mess. Are they good drivers there or horrible as soon as a snow flake appears?