Friday, November 13, 2009

almost 4.

You know that things have changed when you go from having a squishy, wrinkly newborn who screams to "talk" to a big 'ol (almost) 4 year old who chooses to debate you with big words about why it's okay play with the bathroom soap with the door closed. Did I mention that before? Well, I will continue with more randomness that proves just how big James is getting:

*James definitely has a case of the "gimmes" but it's more about cars and money with him. If I walk in from the grocery store he immediately asks what I have for him. When I say "nothing sweetie" (well, except for this delicious and wholesome food) he just runs away, ignoring anything after "nothing..."

*Long gone are the days of teddy bear sweatshirts, cutesy designs, and little airplane t-shirts. He wants the "big kid" stuff like his classmates.. And now we have to shop in the bigger kid section. I kind of cry inside a little bit when I can't go over to the toddler area. *sniff* But I do thoroughly enjoy looking at the cooler clothes.
I still can't with the whole Dragon Ball S or whatever the hell is popular now.

*James is so good with sharing now. He has his moments where he doesn't feel like sharing with..say..Natalie again for the umpteenth time, but who can blame him? All day long he hears "okay James..maybe you can share that with your sister..blah blah blah" If I were him, I would totally block me out, too.

*He is starting to make the difference between "sometime" foods and "anytime" foods. And he really really really really likes those "sometime" foods. If I leave the room with a bag of barbecue chips on the table you best believe it'll be empty a minute later. And what's funny is that I rarely buy that stuff. And I definitely don't take him food shopping with me anymore. We'd have a cart full of Twinkies, cookies, and soda to the brim.

Mmmm's been too long.

*James is really becoming more sensitive to his little sister. Whenever we explain that we had or have to take her to the doctors to get shots he ask if we're going to the Children's Hospital again. He'll ask if she's okay and gives her a kiss. Honestly you guys..that really gets me deep in the soul. We've explained in simple terms about her heart to him and he understands quite a bit. I do have a fear of him resenting her as he gets older..but he's so darn sweet. I think he'll be just fine. (how was that for yet MORE sappiness???) LOL

*James really wants to be a big boy. He mentions a lot how he wants to be as big as daddy. Don't worry, James. You'll be so tall by the time you're 9 that you'll have to bend down to give your mommy a kiss. And shoe size?? I'm terrified. Can you say "special order"???

*He really loves and appreciates his sleep. If I have to go and wake him up for school, he rubs his eyes, looks at me angrily..and then demands to go back to sleep. You are my son, James.

*James has become so independent. Oh I love it.
For instance, he'll ask for a yogurt and then go and get it. Grab a spoon, pull off the lid, pull out the chair, and go to town. When he's done, he dumps the cup in the trash can, dumps the spoon into the usually overflowing sink, and washes his hands in the bathroom. He also loves being neked, so he'll undress himself before bathroom now.

James, you are one seriously cool kid. Rock on my sweetie. Because you and I both know that you still love my kisses.

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