Wednesday, July 18, 2012

some half assed typed sentences..

Ha. I remember when I was growing up my mom would say "half assed" in regards to us doing something quickly and without care. "Stop putting your laundry away so HALF ASSED." When you're 12 it's not as funny but as a 33 year old, now mom of 2, it really is pretty funny. And it's so true. But I won't use this statement with my children. I will want to and there have been many times where it almost slipped off my tongue, but I've kept it inside. Maybe I'll wait until their 12. After all, I hear that this can make my children even more charismatic when they're older.

I am signed up for 2 fall courses. Both online. Both create complete joy in my soul: English Composition II and pre-Algebra. The pre-Algebra goes against what my advisor suggested but I feel like I made a pretty cool decision. Math, on every level, is a whole 'nother language to my brain. I could go into a post about how I'm more right-brained than left-brained but I don't even think that's true anymore. I think I just can't grasp math. I've always been this way. So, without retaking the college assessment math test, I get to actually pace myself and learn math. Math... ahhh math.
The kids need to start school. Now.

We have yet to go camping this summer. We'll probably cram something in this summer. We have a full month left.

We also have the opportunity to visit some theme parks for free (one time free visit) because of the sweet people at Give Kids The World. The day we packed up to leave from Orlando last December, they told us about this awesome opportunity. We still haven't used any. But the kids, especially James, don't really like rides. I just know that if James would sit with me on a roller coaster he would hate me forever. I don't even think I'd get him to sit on it. He'd have to be drugged and well.. that's probably not legal.
How can 2 children, as babies, as toddlers, and as bigger kids LOVE being tossed around in the air (even right after a big meal) be so scared of rides? They are totally missing out. Although..... Natalie is aaaaalmost the right height for some more rides.. I bet I could get her to ride a roller coaster with me. That would figure.. the kid with a heart condition. LOL I love that about her though.. she is a little bit of a dare devil if I can bribe her enough.

The hubs is getting ready for his fall semester of school already, by preparing to get a million shots. He's a little nervous but I told him, "hey I think they'll leave your butt alone".
I hope he feels a little better.
He just has to get the DTaP and a few other vaccines so he can safely take his clinical class and begin massaging people receiving cancer treatments. I think he's more up to date with his vaccines than he realizes.

Am I the only mom out there that is constantly bothering her pediatrician's office for yet another shot record? Just like the lost socks... my copies of shot records end up somewhere in their own land.

Half-assed. I'm still laughing at that. I should call my mom and remind her about this.

That's the beauty of being older, you can just come out and ask them. Hopefully she doesn't make me stand in the corner.

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