Thursday, July 19, 2012

I do love them.

When I'm not getting frustrated with both kids or yelling in my high-pitched super extra annoying high decibel voice, I am seeing more and more proof of how awesome they are:

*I love how Natalie calls James her "brudder". I can't get enough of hearing it. I love it so much.

*I love how both children run up to any kid at the playground (on example) and ask to play with them. They are pretty outgoing around other children and I am such awe of that. The don't even necessarily do it together, they go separately. The other day we caught Natalie talking to another child on her own while James was on the monkey bars.

*I love how James plays "war" with his stuffed animals and he does that little boy shooting sound.. "pew pew pew!!" He's been doing that a whole lot lately. The stuffed animals need to find a way to stop waging war on each other. 

*We made tie-dye shirts for the kids and I would like to say that I wasn't completely OCD about it but I  totally was. We don't have a yard or anything like that, so we had to dye them inside. They turned out really cool actually. Today at the dinner table their dad remarks to Natalie how much he loves her shirt. James chimes with "don't you like my shirt?" Their dad laughs and replies, "but James you're not even wearing a shirt." 

*Whenever Natalie wants to hear "Somebody That I Used To Know" by Gotye, she asks to hear "the camouflage song". (Are my kids the only ones COMPLETELY IN LOVE with it?) Natalie always says "I'm the girl I'm theee girl!!!!!" Ok're the girl in the video gah. 

*Natalie's pet Loki (her beanie baby kitty that her Gammy gave her a few years ago) is, as we all know, her most favoritist companion in the whole universe. But lately, she keeps pretending that Loki gets hit by a monster truck and breaks her tail and all of her legs. It's been several months and that poor kitty has been hit by a truck at least 100 times. 

Here are some latest photos of James' artwork and behold... Loki.... 

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