Wednesday, June 6, 2012

mid-week miscellany

James had his 4th visit from the tooth fairy last night! It's really me hovering over his bed with a printed out tooth fairy letter and $3 but SHHHH.
He lost his 4th tooth- a top middle tooth- while eating a peach yesterday. He started to look for the tooth that should have been stuck inside the peach but instead, we discovered that he would have some interesting poop in the near future. A turd with teeth! RAWR.
He was so upset about it. With tears in his eyes, he kept asking me if the tooth fairy would still come. I assured him that this stuff happens (even to me as a kid) and that everything would be okay.
James is saving all of his tooth and graduation loot to buy fishing gear. So far he has $21 saved up and he wants to keep saving it. His grandpa gave him his very own fishing rod as a graduation gift and this kid is stoked to go catch some fish. The only little issue is that no one else has a fishing rod or fishing gear. So it may take us another month to catch up to James since he's more prepared.

James pointed out something really REALLY funny yesterday.. his big gaps create a car-like design. This kid has the best sense of humor I swear to god.

* * * * * * * * *

Natalie is feeling so much better. She says that her throat still hurts but I haven't had to give her anything. Her appetite is back to being really strong so that's pretty awesome. I haven't slept through a whole night in a week. Last night she woke up a few times because she didn't feel well. Personally, I think she mostly wanted some extra cuddles, but I was happy (and sleepy) to oblige. One of the things that I forgot to mention the other with her 5 year checkup was that I was able to finally talk to the doctor about.. something that I'm struggling with. It's the fact that Natalie is VERY quick to get upset and give up with things. It's not with every task she does. Not at all. But if she's given direction with something she's so quick to shout "I CAN'T DO IT NO I CAN'T", throws her arms up in the air, and marches off. I figure..the kid's 5. But, I have to work with her more this summer to prepare her for kindergarten. Natalie can either have the patience of a saint when it comes to things like art or building blocks or has zero patience for certain other things. I'm going to work with her to help build up her self-esteem. Hopefully when she's in a classroom setting, without me hovering over her, her confidence will build up even more. This kid needs kindergarten. It's really going to be awesome for her. A bigger struggle compared to James (I hate to compare), but I know she'll get far. 

* * * * * * * * * 

Does anyone remember this post? Well check this out...

This sucker is still alive and it's growing flowers at the top. FLOWERS. I don't know if it'll ever actually produce fava beans but if it does I will never stop laughing. Never ever. 

* * * * * * * * *

James loves to dress up into his old Halloween racing costume from time to time. Today I caught him wearing the whole attire (mask and all) and cleaning and organizing my bedroom. It's so cute.. he put things in the weirdest places: he stood all of my books upward as if on display (aww), was very bothered by my stack of receipts sitting in front of the computer (he says "you really need to organize this mom..sigh"),  and he put a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol displayed in the middle of my window. I have never seen this child so focused and have such a huge desire to please me before. He even dusted!
I love his age. I remember being the same.exact.way with my family. I was really happy to do things for them to make them smile and gush with "oh thank you!!" It made my 6 year old heart happy. I used to love dusting my grandmom's house when we'd visit her. I loved it. Plus her house had some pretty cool stuff in it: vintage radio/ record player cabinet, her curio cabinet FILLED with "hummels" and old porcelain figurines. Nowadays, I'd run away from that. I actually don't own too many "chotchkies" just for the simple math:

my kids + breakables + laziness to clean them + my kids + me having zero sense of my own klutziness = complete and total disaster. 

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Valerie Eshenbaugh said...

This post is awesome. Natalie and Claire are similar when it comes to self-esteem issues, it seems. Claire still gets frustrated but instead of the tantrum, she just walks away and comes back to it later, once she's simmered down. And inatead of saying I can't she throws her arms up and exclaims "I just don't get it!" So yes, it is common. I believe that they're just building themselves up to being the dramatic girl thaey want to become in the future.
James is too precious with his tooth story. Sounds like James will be quite a camper in his future if you so choose to explore that option with him. I remember when I caught my first fish. It was such a feeling of accomplishment and I was so proud.