Tuesday, May 15, 2012

where ya been hidin' at?

I've been hiding and lurking around on Craigslist (no weird searches I promise.. although I did come across an apartment ad where the apartment appeared to be free? also.. I think one came with free bedbugs WOOT!). I'm also hiding from the kids. Well, not really. They know where to find me. I have to get better at hiding. They shouldn't be able to find me so easily. We need more bathrooms around here.

Speaking of more bathrooms! we have been searching for a house to move into this summer. Our lease is up June 30th and you guys.... no .... no no no... we are not doing another summer here. We are busting at the seems here and factor in some heat? that's a huge no. We need some space because there's this thing going on where both James and Natalie won't stop hopping into bigger sized stuff- clothing.. even toys get bigger! Sometimes they skip sizes.
Plus, my oldest sister has agreed to let us torture her and bring her along into the household. Get ready Jen! you can be our full time, constantly on the call nanny! Right?.. no?
But yes, if the bankruptcy has taught us anything it's that combining full time incomes and resources makes a stronger home. At least until we're stable and ready willing to ever buy a home again.
Right now, borrowing someone's home is way less commitment-phobey. Plus, we've decided to challenge ourselves even more by making it to where we can only rent from individual owners. Who wants to rent to a (still pending but we should be in court sometime in June) bankrupt couple and their kids? If it's a corporation and/or property management company then the answer is definitely a huge "NO". But luckily, we've talked to some individual owners and they are usually cool about it as long as they know ahead of time. I truly appreciate that.
So far we are still waiting to hear about a home. I won't go into details with it but let's just say... it's one that we all fell in love with. We'll see.
Craigslist is bookmarked forever and ever on my computer. Originally it was because of job searching. I just can't find a single week in the past several years where I'm away from that site.

Speaking of jobs! and searching! and people saying "NO"!

Ricky was hired as a full time employee.


I know.

I'm dancing again.

I can't stop.

OH yeah.

About 2 weeks ago he found out that he was in the running to be one of the rare temps left over to even be considered for the permanent spots (there were only a few). So we were back to a few weeks where it was "wow.. we could either be at Shit's Creek with plenty of the top of the line paddles or without any."
We have plenty of paddles here and we made it safely across Shit's Creek. I can't fucking believe it.

This is the first time in so many years (where I can't even remember) where we will be able to relax and bit and know that regular work will flow in for a long time. The last time.. I think.. that that happened was while James was an infant. Since then it's been up and down.. way way down.. a little up.. way way way down again..and well, you totally get the idea there. Especially before you feel seasick.

Shit... I can't get over how normal things are getting. Is it what it really feels like to have a steady, permanent paycheck? Cause guys.. my anxiety peaks thinking about it. You always fear that things will just get worse again and back to the shitty creek you go.. with the construction industry and the years where Ricky was sucked into it, we forgot what "normal" feels like. You get so scared that everything will be taken away from you again. We were really hesitant to even celebrate when we found out. Really scared. But then we dropped that act and just threw it aside because we have worked our asses off for this. Ricky, obviously, mostly. But even when I was working full time cleaning at the nursing home we waited to find out when his start date was as a temp. It took a full year to even hear anything back.

Just goes to show you.. if you're patient.. like mind-numbingly, panic-attack-inducingly patient.. you will get what you waited and worked really hard for.

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