Monday, January 2, 2012

Year recap part Deux.


In July, Rick and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and spent the day at Estes Park and more awesomely, at THE Stanley Hotel. Afterwards, we had an awesome firework show down the street. 
I was having weird blood pressure issues. Then realizing that my lower numbers are my new normal. All because I lost a buncha fat. 
James played on his T-ball team and Natalie ended her dance class.
The kids figured out "fan voice". 
The monsoons showed their rage in our state. 
If it wasn't raining, we spent most of our time in the pool behind our building becoming pruny fish. 
I became a licensed driver for the first time at the young age of 32.
Ricky started college courses towards his Massage Therapy degree full time!


I almost gave our van away for free because of the high cost of fixing all of the crap that went wrong with it. In fairness to the van, oil in your breakpads and line really sucks especially when the entire break system had to be completely gutted and fixed. 
Natalie perfected the art of climbing and James perfected the art of teasing his sister. 
A week into the month I made the realization that James would have to attend the "not that great" school down the street. Also, that because of common sense and logistics, I also realized there was no way for Natalie to attend her 2nd year of preschool. I cried and got over it. 
James started his first day of kindergarten! I cried and got over it. 
I also started the SSI process for Natalie.


James found a new way to make me gush with love.
Natalie's serious obsession with Sleeping Beauty began. 
The month was pretty calm.
We were still waiting to hear about the position Rick applied for a year ago. At this point, he had had a few interviews.
I was still working part time at the nursing home while Rick was working full time and going to school full time. That whole month is a blur. 


Natalie came down with a really strange illness: pink eye, slightly sandpapery rash all over, fever, nausea, it was so weird. Come to find out it was Fifth's Disease. Within a few weeks she was totally fine. I came down with a super high fever, too and then all of my joints swelled up. Come to find out, I had it too. James and the hubby were left unscathed. 
We had our first snow storm!
Halloween was awesome. Natalie was invited to James' class party and the kids went trick or treating in the neighborhood and made out like bandits. They also went to a really great Halloween party at their old preschool buddy's place. 
Natalie was in awe (and me too!) when we visited our landlord upstairs for candy and she handed her witch costume to Natalie for her to keep. How awesome is that?!!
Natalie received some FANTASTIC Make a Wish news: she was approved to have a wish granted!


We found a cat. Or should I say, the cat found us. His name is Tiki: a name pre-chosen by the old owner.
I then realized how allergic to cats I still am. 
James came down with the croup. Again. Bent, not broken: germs take over monthly. 
I had reluctantly got my flu shot again this year and learned that getting your flu shot while having a cold is actually the way to go. 
Thanksgiving was delicious. 
Natalie's SSI claim was approved!!
Natalie's wish to meet Sleeping Beauty in her castle was granted! We were to leave in a few weeks to Disney World!!
I became a stay at home mom full time again.
And then as if things couldn't get better....... (well, to be honest.. there was tons of drama involved but it all worked out) RICK STARTED A NEW FULL TIME JOB that wasn't in construction but rather, in green technology!!


December kicked the rest of year's ass. 
Natalie and I were invited to our first Make a Wish holiday event and she was able to shop for her list of friends and family members for the holidays. That was also the day she discovered how awesome face painting is. She would have covered her whole body if I had let her. 
James turned 6 and we visited the Butterfly Pavilion for the first day. He LOVED it.
Natalie has her 6 month heart checkup and everything looked great. They found a little bit of leaking in one of her valves but nothing that was constant or serious. Just something to keep checking every 6 months.
James had his 6 year checkup at the pediatrician and he is so healthy. Also happy to report he is 4 feet tall and did NOT need any shots. : )
James is also growing his 2 bottom 6 year molars!
We went to Orlando for a full week and that even kicked more ass. (a bunch of blog posts after this will show you)
Natalie got to finally meet Princess Aurora and her friends. I can't think of anything more magical than that.
I turned 33. 
Hankumas was really awesome. Natalie was sick on Christmas Day with a fever. She felt better the next day and finally played with her presents. A day later, I got a sinus infection. I'm telling ya, you can't just make this stuff up! On a very non-germy note, it was also the first month of full time work for Rick and we were able to spoil the kids (not too much though, Disney trip did that). 

Well that, was 2011! After today, I'm going to post each day of our Orlando trip! I know that if you're a Facebook buddy of mine, it'll seem a bit redundant, but maybe I'll manage to post photos you haven't seen. ; ) Happy New Year everyone!

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allie :^) said...

2011 was A FANTASTIC YEAR for you guys!!! love the pics. if mallie saw nat with sleeping beauty she would die! so happy for you friend. xoxo