Sunday, January 1, 2012

Year recap part 1.


January is kind of like my "Groundhog Day" month. It always feels like it never wants to end. But thankfully, I have myself to keep entertained during the entire month by posting about a bunch of things I have been wanting to post. I'm not sure how many readers are left out there. If you are there, well HEY YOU! Aren't you sweet. With patience of steel.

So it's January 2012 and I can actually say that I'm really okay with 2011 being over. It wasn't our worst year because I think 2007 through 2010 kind of topped it, but it was really stressful and there were moments I thought we'd be hopelessly living out of a cardboard box by this time.
And I call myself the eternal optimist.
Seriously, 2011 was the year that kicked us in our crotches (again) but at least 2007-2010 had us prepared to fight back this time. We became wounded and felt defeated much of the time, and yeah there are some scars but we WON! The year ended better than any of our prayers (and bribes with God) could have ever ever asked for. It ended with us back on track as a family unit and financially and it will only keep getting better.
Someone did a fantastic blog post that I read yesterday and they did a month by month quick recap of the year. Isn't that the greatest idea? So, I think I'll follow that idea and present to you (or myself?) a recap of

The Bent's Voyage from January 2011 into June 2011!


We were blanketed by a thick coating of snow and ice so we spent most of our time indoors. 
Natalie celebrated her first Fontanniversary on the 12th. 
I was lovingly embracing my role as full time working mommy while Rick became a full time stay at home dad.
Both kids were going to preschool and were in the same class. 
We were still waiting for our Maryland condo to foreclose. 


February now always signifies Congenital Heart Defect Awareness month. Always. Well, now anyway.
This was a very uneventful month. Although I did order my very first iPhone which was (and still is) the highlight of my year, electronically speaking.
Everyone pretty much stayed healthy.
The weather out there was cold COLD. Like, right through your coat COLD.


 Was full of germs in the household. Both kids came down with RSV. James was totally fine but it's never great for kids with half of a heart. Natalie was miserable. 
Exhibit A of complete and utter miserableness. 
She also wouldn't let me get too close to snag a photo. She hated the O2. 

Natalie was on continuous O2 for about a week or so but everything cleared up perfectly. Zero complications. And then a week later she got ill again with a bad cold. Screw you germs!
My weight dropped to under 200 lbs which is the first time I was ever 200 lbs since my early 20s. 
I also made a confession in this post. Which was a huge turning point to feeling better. 


Natalie's love of the word "fancy" started. Everything had to be "fancy". 
She also turned a fancy 4 years of age. Rick turned 30, which is almost just as fancy. Almost.
The 3 of our Bent clan visited Maryland and it was really awesome. I stayed behind to work. It was also the moment I realized at the last minute that Natalie needed an O2 condenser unit which wasn't covered under our insurance. Fun! But after going through all of that Natalie never had to use it. Which was actually pretty kick ass. She was officially able to fly without a condenser anymore. 


 (the kids with their preschool teachers)

The hubby find a new full time job that kicked my hourly pay's ass. So, I gave up my reigns as the bread winner and stayed onboard at work part time. 
Sent in all financial paperwork so Rick can get financial assistance for college.
I got an awesome sinus infection and man, I was so sick. James also got pink eye and both of them had croup. OY! This blog should be renamed "Germs: and our love of them". 
Natalie was 100% potty trained. 
James' speech therapy began. 
We laughed at "the rapture" event. 
The kids graduated preschool! James completed both years and Natalie one.


Natalie, officially, no longer needed physical therapy. We signed her up for her first dance class.
We signed James up for his first T-Ball team. 
It was the start of a pretty decent summer. By day 2, the kids were already bored at home.
Natalie had her 6 month heart checkup and everything looked beautiful.
This was also the month we realized our car was dying. Later to find out it was the fuel pump. 
We visited Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs for the first time. That was so much fun. 

So tomorrow's post! July through December because there is just SO much for those months!!

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