Tuesday, September 13, 2011

feeling fine. feeling fancy.

Well hello there! It's a been a little while, eh? Where to start.. where to start. I'm not very good at organizing my thoughts or writing up outlines so I'll go ahead and just list the stuff.. why not right?

Here is my list of the 10 most super important (some awesome) things going on right now:

10.) James is kicking ass in school. He loves it. He doesn't love it at 6:45am when he has to wake, however. I always here "I'm tired..leave me alone.. I'm so tired". But then his morning bell rings and he's off like a shot. Then at the end of the school day he runs out excited and his arms are full of schoolwork that he completed. This kid, you guys. This kid, and I don't care how annoying this sounds, but my kid is genius. 'Nuff said. I'm starting to believe that he's actually smarter than me. He's writing full sentences now! He's reading AND he's writing at home for FUN. FOR FUN. I don't want to write Harvard of Yale just yet, but I'm itching to. He counts to 100, can read basic sentences, some words with more than 5 letters in it, and his teacher is awesome. A few weeks ago he had his first test of the year, just to see where all of the students stand and he did great. She's giddy. I'm giddy. We're all giddy! And she pushes him which we completely love! So as much as I can complain that my child didn't get to attend the posh school down the road, he's still kicking ass at this school.

9.) I just learned the other day that I should expect James to grow his 1st set of molars any time now. Just when you think you're child is done teething. ha..ha.......ha.

8.) I just realized the other day that he will also lose teeth any day now. wah....I cry only because he's demanding a dollar a tooth. A quarter will do just fine James. But we did have a debate about it and we've settled on a dollar for the first tooth. He'll make a great lawyer.

7.) We didn't extend our lease for our apartment last month so now we're month-to-month. We're sort of actively looking for something else but waiting to find the right place. I probably spend too many hours looking on Craigslist, then clicking "map", then "nearby" for schools, then looking up the school, then the reviews, and then whatever else. Now that you have a child in elementary school you have to commit to moving only if the next place and the next school are better. So far, no luck..at least in our price range. If push comes to shove we'll just re-sign and stay until next summer then move. Whatever. No biggie. I can go on and on about how this place is getting dumpy but fall and winter are approaching and it's a ghost town outside of our windows so I can't complain too much. We hope to not hear the gansta rap music blaring as much in the months of November through April. That's when the gansta rappers hibernate.

6.) Natalie is totally in love with having mommy all to herself during the day. She's writing her name perfectly now and does it with excitement. She's also completely addicted to "Jimmy Neutron" and "Fairly Odd Parents" on Netflix. I don't think that either show constitutes as educational. Apparently those shows cause ADD now..err something? Whatever. I'm sure I have a second genius on my hands. She, too has sharpened her analytical skills by proving that she will make a great lawyer. I watched "Mr.Belvedere" growing up and that wasn't educational and I turned out just fine.

5.) She doesn't say "fancy" as much anymore.. now things are "fashion". "I'm so fashion mommy". Yes sweetpea, loose feathers on your head are very avant garde.

4.) I realized that I never officially announced on this blog that I have my driving license. The first child in the family. Aside from my own children because I was pretty convinced that they would beat me to the punch.

3.) My last day for my job is coming to a quick end. I work this weekend and that will be it. I'm not exactly ecstatic about it but it's what has to be done for now. It's definitely something that took a long time to decide. I need to be around on the weekends. Missing every single t-ball game that James had was the icing on the cake. The great thing is that the husband will now lose his excuse of "well, I couldn't get anything done because of the kids" when it comes to his homework. So take that husband! It was nearly impossible for him to complete his massage labs, which are hugely counted towards passing his classes. When I'm not around we usually don't have anyone to watch the kiddos. And then if you factor in other stuff (like over flowing weekdays where really 30 hour days would help out a lot) it really became impossible most weekends.

2.) Rick is kicking ass in college. We don't know his final grades yet because this is his last week of the summer semester. But we're pretty sure he got A's or at least really really close to it ( I know he got A's.. he's been doing so well). He took Anatomy and Massage 1. His next semester starts in early October so we'll actually have a few weeks with him home right after work! That will be kind of nice. And even weird.

1.) And speaking of work!! His awesome job begins October 24th! We knew weeks ago it would late-October but now we have an official start date. Words can't even describe how glorious this is. It's a pay cut but it's not construction and it's set. It will be evening shifts 2-11, with him taking classes in the mornings. This will actually become a secondary career for him..something with a future! raises! 401k! vacations! OH MY! I may pass out now from the excitement...

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