Monday, June 6, 2011

tracking the fat.

The only thing I'm not liking about working only 2 days out of the week now and not my usual 5, is that my weight loss is going to slow down a whole lot. Although yesterday I was sweating so much that I'm pretty sure the fat melted right off of me.. mostly out of my greasy face. Right along with my makeup..which why? why do I do that still?
So, I know for sure that my weight loss adventure will slow down. But that's alright because it gives me a chance to actually get creative with my activity. I don't want to say that I'll go out and exercise my ass off because seriously, I really hate that burn that comes along with it. Ugh. That burn. I don't know how people can actually like that feeling.
But I'm sure those so same people would ask how I could like slinging a heavy mop all day at work so we're even.
I'm down to 194, give or take a pound.
My size 18s are more loose than ever. It's funny, people have asked me how I can STILL be in a size 18 after losing almost 63 pounds and be in a size 22.
It's called post-2-pregnancy muffin top ya'll.
Things sag. Things stretch. Things rotate and gravitate. Things can just get strange in your mid-section region especially after having 2 children and haven't been in the best shape to begin with. Weird genes don't help either.
Sexy stuff.

I really haven't been tracking my loss through photos very much, but I did manage to capture one the other day..

The bottom one is from almost a year ago when I was about 220. I'm not sure if you can really see any difference but I can definitely say that those jeans I'm wearing above are WAY too big for me now. I still wear them, though because I have a belt and that's what belts are for. Plus they are bleach-stained approved for work. I do not like how they make my butt look even saggier.
The top photo is where I'm at about 194. Isn't my t-shirt ultra sexy? I do love my Gorillaz shirt with my paint stains. Those paint stains are from when we fixed our condo back in MD so I sort of love it. A whole bunch.
It is not sexy.
My pants are even saggier than my jeans.
I'll work more with getting better photos. I want to be able to actually see the differences. Speaking of major differences that is a photo from James' 2nd birthday party. That's right before I began my whole fat removal process and I was at least 255 there.
I still love cupcakes, though. I just don't eat as many anymore. That's pretty much the biggest advice I can give. Just don't eat a whole bunch of cupcakes especially after 7pm. Particularly moss-colored ones.
I do have more tricks that I've learned along the way, but I still have a ways to go. I would say about 40 more pounds to go and then I'll do whatever I can to maintain that number.
By any means do I starve myself. I eat like a guy when I'm at work because my metabolism has gotten quite the boost from moving more. I just really watch my portions and stop eating when I'm full. That's  been my hardest challenge- figuring out when you're actually full and not when you decide that you're full. Your body cues you in on this and you have to listen to it. Usually it's timed once you start eating a meal and then you learn the feeling. Does that even make any sense?
In addition to that, I don't usually eat after 7pm and if I do it's something small. If I've had a super physical day at work I'll feel hungry pretty quickly about 2 hours after dinner. At least a slightly healthy snack is key. Yogurt, granola bar, jar of Nutella, you get the idea.
Oh and popcorn! Light popcorn, unfortunately.
The fact that my meals are usually spread apart throughout the day helps so much, too.
I don't snack a lot which I know I'm supposed to do but when I am at work I forget. At home, it's easier and I have at least one snack throughout the day. Although last Friday I had like 8 snacks.

That's my last tidbit of advice.. I don't beat myself up if I go beyond my expectations and goals. I just move right past that and start again. I allow myself to have food I love I just make sure to have some healthier along with it. If I want a can of Pepsi I have one. Just not everyday. I do drink creamy, sugary coffee every morning and I don't beat myself up for that either. I just drink tons of water after that.
Deprivation is not key. At least in my world.

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Anonymous said...

I think you're brave to be speaking honestly about this (and to post your photos ... don't think I could do that!) Losing weight is hard. About five months ago, I was the heaviest I've ever been (163 when a more normal weight for me is closer to 145, and my best is more like 130). I was just realizing that if I didn't change something soon I was only going to get heavier and was wondering what changes I needed to make when I learned I was pregnant, spent the next 2-3 months wallowing in morning sickness and lost about 13 pounds.

Yup, that'll do it. I'm just now back up to 160.

You sound like you're on the right track, and I think it's AWESOME how much you've already lost. I've always heard it takes at least 10 minutes for your brain to realize the stomach is saying it's full, so I've always found eating slower helps me with the portion control thing (but it's not always easy when you're working and/or chasing toddlers).

Glad to hear you're not beating yourself up if a given day doesn't go exactly as planned in terms of diet/exercise. Life's too short for that.

Good luck and I'll be following along!