Sunday, June 5, 2011

no wee-wees or pee-pees here.

Last week, James and Natalie were in the living room taunting and teasing each other once again. This is sort of a new thing now, where they both pick on each other and sometimes they just laugh or like most times, one of them gets more angry or upset than the other and Mom intervenes. 
But last week was something new. Natalie sat on the couch with PS3 controller in hand (not realizing which right buttons to push.. she definitely takes after me) and James is sitting in the black chair off to the side, controller in his hand too. While playing a video game a conversation with taunting and teasing begins:

James: "I'm going to beat you Natalie!"

Natalie: "nuuhh uhhh, I'm going to win because you are a girl!!" (nice comeback)

James: "No I'm not I don't have a vagina Natalie!!!!!" (yelling it with frustration in his voice)

Natalie: "You DOOOOO have a vagina!!!" (yelling it with a smile)

James: "I have a penis, so I'm a boy."

And both of them just giggle. 

Well there is one big lesson I've learned here. Both of my kids know the proper terms for their body parts. My job is done. 

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meditatingmom said...

I love it! My mom always very pointedly used the proper names for things, and I intend to do the same with my daughter. The funny thing is - as a child I remember when an adult would say "poo poo" instead of "BM" or even "tummy" instead of "stomach." I was a very serious child (and wanted to be taken as such), and felt they were being condescending by using those words. Love that your kids use proper words while being silly with each other. :)