Tuesday, June 21, 2011

bulldozers, honey.

Today, the kids and I spent quite a bit of time at our local elementary school playground. They have a brand new fancy playground courtesy of the Colorado Lottery. Looks like they're fixing some other things on the grounds because there was a Bobcat and excavator/bulldozer just sitting around. Naturally, we had to get a closer look because those things are really cool. Especially up close. 
One of the first things James asked me before we left..actually I take that back.. he asked me 2 hours before we left when I suggested we go to the playground.. he asked if there are fire ants there. And then he cried. 
I don't understand his fear of this particular critter because he's never been bitten or anything. I assured him that there may be some and they will only eat his head off. No, I told him he'd be fine. He let me actually take a picture of a very large ant. Not sure if it's a fire ant because it had no interest in what I was doing so who knows...
Wow, that is one red ant. Yeah... probably is a fire ant. Hmm.

Very random photos of food that are ridiculously awesome. 

These two products, above and below, could probably be the only things left in our home and Rick and I would still be perfectly happy. 
We found both items at a local honey supplier last week at the farmer's market. They are made in Durango which is close enough if you want really good local honey. 
...and thick local honey we gots indeed. NOM. It's so thick that it's crystallized goodness is what I am craving right now. 
And hey! speaking of bees....


erica said...

Fire ants are quite small. That one looks to me like a sugar ant or a bull ant. One sec.

Fire ant: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_ant
Sugar ant: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sugar_ant

Yours looks like a sugar ant. :) We have them here and when they bite, holy hell they do not let go. LOL I hate them.

Dawn B said...

AHA! and that explains why it was trying to practically eat the picnic table. LOL I always equate red ants to FIRE hence..LOL.. fire ant. So funny that fire ants are actually dark in color. Now who says we can't learn something new everyday?