Wednesday, June 22, 2011

let's see what the kids' room looks like, shall we?

Today I spent a lot of time cleaning the kids room. Usually this involves the kids making messes while I do this. The kids didn't disappoint me with the messes. But what I really didn't mind about that was how each toy (especially the big toys) seemed new all over again. I kind of like that. I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't pulled their furniture away from the walls and wiped everything down since uh...... last... summer
James has actually been spending a lot of time sleeping in the bottom bunk with Natalie lately. I think the top bunk could disappear and neither would care. See that stuffed animal hammock thing? Getting rid of that. Why I put that there I have no idea. It's been empty for a long LONG time. I'm putting something artsy up there. Just not sure what yet. 
Kids photos and hand prints and a bucket 'o' toys at the bottom right.
Their closet seems so much neater than in real life. Aside from the upside down looking lawnmower fan in our way, it doesn't look too shabby. 
This is my favorite little area.. the dress-up/pretend area. 
The kids have dubbed this area as the "school area". And remember? that chalkboard was FREE
Free is good...and yes, that is a Homestarrunner painting! I've had for a long time now. A buddy of mine painted that for me years ago.   

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