Saturday, March 5, 2011

see what had happened was...

I'll keep it short and not so full of horrible grammar.. if I can. ha.
Here's what went on with The Natty today in bullet form.

*Last night at around 8pm Natalie's cough worsened. She slept maybe a total of 6 hours last night.
*She woke up at 2:30am with a stuffy nose and an even worse cough. A cough that sounded exactly like James' cough. It was really familiar with his bronchitis cough from earlier this week.
*She would start to doze off and then immediately begin waking us up to wipe her runny nose. No matter how many times we explained to her how to do it herself she kept waking us up.
*Rick and I couldn't sleep anyway.. hearing her cough and gag wasn't exactly as peaceful as the sounds of Netflix on in the background to go back to sleep.
*She woke up at 6:30am and we all started our day..I had to work.
*Rick takes her to the local clinic at around 11am to get checked out. This is the same clinic that took care of James earlier in the week. They did a fantastic job.
*Natalie keeps holding her breath with nervousness while they try to get a blood pressure and pulsox reading (O2 saturation reading) and they don't like the numbers they receive. She is bouncing around between 65% and 85% in saturations with a low blood pressure and that scares them. They refuse to do anything else and tell Rick to immediately take her to the ER.
*SIGH...and also F@!K
*The grandpa and grandma take James to a birthday party (a really nice distraction, seriously) and off Rick and Natalie go to Children's.
*They wait for about 2 hours to get back to see a doctor.
*A chest x-ray shows no signs of pneumonia or anything like that but her saturations stay in the 80s WITH 2 liters of O2.
*The suction her nose out, making her nose bleed, but hey the snot and globs came out.
*Over the next few hours she finally starts to eat some crackers after eating nothing all day.
*Talk of keeping her overnight starts.. SIGH. But also, hey whatever they need to do to make sure she's okay.
*At around 6:15 her saturations climb back into the 90s on a liter of O2 and they discharge her saying that there's nothing they can do because it's viral and to let it run it's course.. that no medication is needed.. just "keep doing what your doing".


I have a ton to say about this visit.. I'll save it for tomorrow after I get some rest because honestly, I want to scream right now. I'm confused. I'm pissed off... and I feel so bad that Rick and Natalie wasted their time. An entire 8 hours of nothing really done. 

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Anonymous said...

That sounds frustrating! I hope she's feeling better soon.