Friday, March 4, 2011

10 gross things about me- the mama.

I'm always talking about how gross my kids can be. Even Rick, he's pretty gross sometimes. But at the level of normal grossness like every one of us.
I'm not that special but I can be pretty gross sometimes. I think that it's only fair that I list those things to clear the air that I, too, am probably just as more gross than my kids..

10.) I love those pore strip remover thingies. I love looking at them when I'm done. I'm completely mesmerized that THAT many blackheads came out of my body. And also, that my nose is THAT hairy.

9.) I fart. I fart whenever. I will hold it in for only a few minutes if a crapload (definitely no pun intended there) of people are around..but my body can only hold in farts for so long (thanks kiddies for ruining mommies insides). But hey, I usually do give a warning of some kind.. kind of "hey sorry have to fart, excuse me". Hey, I said excuse me.

8.) I am completely numb to cleaning up after people.. vomit, poop, pee, blood, you name it. Wow, how many nasty bodily fluids can I list? to it now.
Oh yeah, spit, boogers, etc etc etc.

7.) I am getting really lazy about shaving my legs now. Who really cares if I do during the months of October through March? Not me, that's for sure.

6.) I friggin' love anchovies.

5.) If we make fishsticks and there is homemade tartar sauce? I will eat the remaining tartar sauce by itself. I do not get to eat that stuff that often and no one else except James or I will eat it. In my defense. Of course.

4.) To save time on occasion, I brush my teeth in the shower. Hmm... is that gross? Not sure if that counts. Oh well. That's my number 4 and I'm sticking to it.

3.) I love the smell of Sharpies, spray paint, and leather. Not altogether, separately. Because altogether would be a waste.

2.) I never trim my fingernails with a nail trimmer. Ever. I always file them down and when I'm done, I look down and there is a powdery pile of nail on my lap. I just blow it away.
Ew. Yeah that is kind of nasty. Nails are nasty. Well underneath the nails are nasty.

1.) I love the feeling of getting out a big booger. It's really satisfying. And cleansing. Getting out "eye boogers" is kind of cleansing too. 


Paula71 said...

I have to admit every thing on that list applies to me except #'s 4,6,and 2. Number 9 really got me. I do it all the time.

Scary Mommy said...

I am with you on so many of these-- the boogers, the farts, the pore strips-- yes! Cleaning up after other people? Gag. I'll send them your way.