Monday, March 7, 2011

no Wipeout jumping until later this week...

Since Natalie is on a quick oxygen break, I thought I'd update with today's cardiologist visit! because the craziness will come out of her real soon when it's put back on.
Have I mentioned lately how much she despises wearing the oxygen?

At her visit today, Natalie's oxygen saturations were in the low 80s without O2 (not too shabby!) and in the higher 80s with it set at 1 liter.
Her weight and blood pressure were perfect. Seriously, thank you Natalie for not holding your breath this time. ; )
(we did warn the nurse about the breath holding and she was understanding about it.. apparently it happens more often there than we realize.)

Natalie actually sat up so perfectly still for the EKG that it only took one try and it was done. She handled that beautifully. We are so proud of her. She didn't even cry this time when the "stickies" (EKG stickers) were taken off by the nurse. Our baby is growing...

Thankfully, in front of the nurse AND the cardiologist she was depressed as ever when the O2 cannula was placed back into her nose. The cardiologist we saw today was awesome. Just as awesome as our regular doc so that was really REALLY nice. He was full of knowledge and perfect with Natalie. Once I saw this, I kind of just decided at that moment to let Saturday's ER visit go. I was going to bring up how confused we were by it but it really wouldn't have done anything.. because this is now.. and now, Natalie (as determined by the doctor) is healing perfectly. Her saturations are normal for someone with Tricuspid Atresia and an open ASD having RSV. Hey that sort of rhymes.

Each day that goes by her bronchial tubes will heal more and more, thus creating more oxygen to saturate and her lung pressures will go down. Right now, the lung pressures aren't at a dangerous place and her heart pressures are just fine.
So basically, in another week Natalie will probably be able to go back to school and use less and less of the O2. We'll probably start weening her off of the O2 at some point by the end of the week. For now, she needs it around the clock unless she's eating or taking a bath.

She has more energy, more happy faces, and a better appetite. I think there is nothing better we can ask for.

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Anonymous said...

Natalie is really blessed to have You and Rick as parents!